Hall of Fame Losing Progress

Jeff Harrop

Nov 11, 2020
I have noticed in the last day or so that my progress in my Civilization VI Hall of fame has been losing some of it's progress on some of the leaders I have won games with. I keep saved games close to the time frame that the wons occurred so I decided to load one of the games up finish winning the game and have the win go back into the hall of fame after doing that I noticed the leader picture back but a different leader that I had won with was now gone I repeated the process and now a different leader was gone after getting that win back. It is almost like I have pulled a lose thread on a shirt and now it has turned into a large piece of thread and I'm not even sure what caused it. Rather than continue with the endless loop I wanted to know if this is something others have had happen to them. I play the game on Xbox One X and had about 18-20 wins of various types. Any insight on this would be appreciated.
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