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city lists

  1. Thorvald of Lym

    Historical Accuracy Upgrade

    Thanks to various user patches, many of Civ2's original engine limits have been overcome: a game map can cover over 30,000 tiles, thousands of units and hundreds of cities. Suffice to say, the original 20–30 city namelist average starts to feel inadequate. Several weeks ago I started musing...
  2. TahamiTsunami

    Civs Made More or Less Likely by Current Civ Cities

    I've been enjoying looking at the maps of the current Civ cities found here and here made by @bite . It's been noticed that there are certain gaps or filled-in areas within a civ's territory that suggest some civs are more likely to get in than others. Of course there's nothing definite one way...
  3. IgorS

    Alternate City Lists version 2

    So, I don't know about you, but when I play civ, I like playing with my own city lists. I like researching, and compiling my own city lists, and also using native names for cities, i.e. Moskva instead of Moscow. So here it is, the mod that changes city lists completely, more for some civs, less...
  4. IgorS

    City Lists - How to mod them? - SOLVED

    How to mod city lists. I want to thank everyone who tried to help me (see discussion below). OK, now the solution. We will change the city list for Sumer. 1. We will create a brand new city list in an XML file, like this: 2. We go to our mod properties and then to "In-Game Actions". We add...
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