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city names

  1. Thorvald of Lym

    Historical Accuracy Upgrade

    Thanks to various user patches, many of Civ2's original engine limits have been overcome: a game map can cover over 30,000 tiles, thousands of units and hundreds of cities. Suffice to say, the original 20–30 city namelist average starts to feel inadequate. Several weeks ago I started musing...
  2. cobbaut

    How do you name your cities?

    I wonder how others name their cities. Usually I leave the capital as it is named, but newly founded cities start with the resources in their name. For example a city with Stone and Horse will be named StoneHorse (or HorseStone). This allows me to easily identify the city when I see its name...
  3. Trashperson

    Periphery (Now compatible with CIVITAS CSE) 1.3

    Periphery is a deceptively simple mod for Civ 6 which renames all base game and DLC city-states after their real-life current and historical nations. This is by renaming the mini-'Civ' which owns the city-state- so what appears in the city-state menu- but not the actual city owned by said...
  4. King Phaedron

    City Names Lore - Random Thoughts Game

    Apologies in advance if this is not the right forum. This is basically a posting game revolving around City Lore. Post the name of a city and some juicy gossip around it, like so: I hear they do naughty things in the Phoenician City of Sexi. City of Maitland? I thought "Mate Land," was just a...
  5. SeelingCat

    Rosetta - Dynamic City Names June 17 2022 Update

    Ever wish cities were a bit more dynamic? That the cities you conquered felt like they were a part of your empire now? Then this mod is for you! Rosetta - Dynamic City Names changes cities' names according to their owner. It also prevents duplicate names from showing up in the same game (ex...
  6. C

    Questions about New Civilization City Names

    So with the mod I'm currently developing the second city I founded grabbed the name 'Mecca' instead of what I have told it are names for dutch cities. Thus my brain formulated a few questions: Is there a minimum amount of city names required? Is there a maximum? Can someone provide an example...
  7. Futumch

    Do you use custom city names?

    Do you use your own names for your cities as you make them? I do, I'll use things like planet names from Frank Herbert's "Dune" stories, chemical elements, islands from Carrier Command, landforms e.g. "South Beach", "Three Peaks", that sort of thing. When I played Greece I used names of greek...
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