civ 4 bts

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    [BTS] Completely puzzled by this map. I have tried multiple strategies and can't figure it out

    So I've been playing this immortal map for a while now and I'm just puzzled. I can't seem to break out no matter what I try and after rage-quitting several times, I realized I need some professional help here lol. I have both attached the current file and the 4000 BC one for anyone who wants...
  2. CGQ

    [BTS] I challenge all of you to try to beat this Immortal map

    I took inspiration from AcaMetis' Noble's club and made a map that I believe will be a nightmare to anyone who tries to beat it. I'm actually very interested in seeing how you approach it. [/SPOILER] I only have it for immortal, I don't know how to make it in world edit so you can change the...
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