[BTS] I challenge all of you to try to beat this Immortal map


Aug 11, 2019
I took inspiration from AcaMetis' Noble's club and made a map that I believe will be a nightmare to anyone who tries to beat it. I'm actually very interested in seeing how you approach it.

Spoiler The Start :

We got good old Tokugawa to start with:

Game settings:

Spoiler Edits made :

Nothing too extreme:goodjob:
Just a few resource swaps, starting swaps, something along the lines of that hehe.
Spoiler Isolated? :

Absolutely...not. But you're sure as hell gonna wish you were once you start playing!

I only have it for immortal, I don't know how to make it in world edit so you can change the map difficulty like AceMetis does, so anyone who's beaten Deity, good luck. Those who haven't tried immortal can try this one just for kicks. I definitely want to see what the experts here think of this map :D


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Looking at the start, this is a tricky one. Tempted to move that warrior up that hill 1E, or maybe 1S to see any potential seafood. SIP might be viable but not a lot to do with the two sugar tiles, or the jungle-encrusted rice. All I can say is, the land nearby is nice here, but within the first 5 turns or so, you'll understand why this map is hell.
Pangaea map script never puts jungle in the BFC
Raging barbs usually makes the game impossible on deity, idk how it is on imm
Hmm I'll give it a try. I was recently playing around with toku on earth18 always war to see if it was possible (its not :)) but I did learn that samurai are fun to use!
edit: well its only t30 and I already reloaded cause I didnt know raging barbs can enter your borders that early
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Spoiler T38 :

Warrior 1NW, settled the sugar & started on a warrior (without the cows, would probably have settled on the rice). Found Monty, parked a warrior near the corn until a worker popped up so I could snag it. Built a few more Ws to choke Monty & for barb safety (the map is so packed that I haven't fought a single barb unit).
Went Hunt-AH-Mining-BW. Found Copper, will take out Monty with Axes (Osaka already has Barracks & can start building units next turn, Kyoto has started on a settler but will probably not finish it) & then it's easy dub with elephants + cats.

Would be really difficult on deity because there's no worker stealing there & probably couldn't get the gold spot. But IMM AI are just too weak to cause problems, even on the most difficult maps.

Spoiler :


settled on rice, 2nd city grabbed copper and 3rd by the marble. Kind of amazed that no wars broke out during the first hundred turns, given the civs, small map and extra leader. So I just failgolded ToA and cashed out 700g and made my way to construction.

Spoiler T15 :

I settled on rice and teched Mining -> BW while buliding Work Boat. Work boat finished just before reaching size 3 on T15. Worker will finish just before BW, so timing seems good. Assuming there is no copper (given the map name) then perhaps go straight to Archery while chopping a clam work boat then military units.
Tight immortal maps are kinda broken,
Spoiler :
pretty much because of what Pedro did. It's just too easy to worker steal, the prize is too big and the risk is very small. You can make peace and return to take out a much weakened AI. Only downside is "you declared war on our friend!" I guess, but it's not a huge deal at all.
Spoiler Played to T75 :

Didn't steal any workers but settled 2nd city on copper and conquered the Aztec land with an axe rush. I might get back to this game later after progressing more on the Nobles' Club ones.


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