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civ 5 sdk

  1. S

    Civ V SDK wont let me create new projects? PLEASE HELP!

    Hello everyone, I'm not the most experienced modder, however, I sort of know my way around civ v modding, so I've been making my own mods for a couple of years now. This is the very first time I have ever run into an issue/error like this, and I feel as though I am out of troubleshooting...
  2. Terkaza

    [BNW] MapBuilder : Occupied and Puppet cities

    So recently I started doing a year 1799 Europe map (French Revolution and Empire) and I've come to Poland and Austria. It's built in the (relatively bad) Civ 5 SDK. I need help about their "city edition mechanics". Poland as you may know didn't exist because it was a part of Prussia, however...
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