My custom map doesn't work with Vox Populi mods, but it works without them. Please help!


Jul 3, 2019
The Empire of Hy-Brazil
I have Civilization V: Complete edition and made a custom map using the Civ 5 SDK (Ongoing Map bellow) with every mod I currently have already installed.
If I set up a game and load the map without the mods, it works, but if I try to load it while using the mods bellow, it crashes as soon as I try to start a campaign. It doesn't even load. I click start and it crashes. Can somebody help me?
I'm using the following mods:

Mods - Print 1.png
Mods - Print 2.png

I spent so long making this map... What could be the cause and how to fix it?
I can use other maps with these mods just fine, but this one doesn't work with them.
There is also an attached video showing when it crashes.
Please help me.


  • Ongoing Map.Civ5Map
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  • CIV 5 Crashing.rar
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