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custom building

  1. Toussaint10326

    Toussaint's Scotland 2017-08-12

    This mod adds the Scottish Empire lead by King Robert I. Robert fought King Edward II of England to keep Scotland an independent nation. Uniques UB: Clan Castle. The clan castle replaces the Barracks. It provides extra housing and amenities. UU: Gallowglass. The Gallowglass replaces the...
  2. Toussaint10326

    Toussaint's Portugal 2017-08-12

    Good day, Portugueses! Today I behold unto you the Kingdom of Portugal! Play as who is known as the greatest king consort in Portuguese history - Ferdinand II! When you play as King Ferdinand you have the ability to build the Royal Academy, a great replacement for the Library that provides extra...
  3. Toussaint10326

    How to add custom unit/building icons

    I want to add custom building icons to my game, how could I do this?
  4. HorseshoeHermit

    [BNW] [CP] This Lua isn't firing

    Arright, after troubleshooting to close way more parentheses than I care to admit to, I've still got issues with this lua. The file itself is finally grammatically valid, but when the borders expand I don't get the bonus I'm looking for. I can make it give me Floating Gardens, but not the...
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