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  1. King Phaedron

    Linear Cities NEOM aka The Line

    A type of late game city. The main advantage being that you can make a new city without any regard for district limits due to population, and with less overall construction. I think it would work like this: 1. If you make any land district, you can't make a line district, and if you make a line...
  2. Nathiri

    When Aahnacet Calls - Strategic Defense 1.0

    'When Aahnacet Calls' (WAC) is a new wave-based defense mod that was first created in 2018. It tries to create a cooperative experience, with multiplayer in mind, between two civilizations and a much larger foe. The primary goal is to survive 10 waves of the enemy's forces. Story: The empire of...
  3. Iconian

    Defense--Column Type is not unique

    I've been trying to give some buildings a defense stat that didn't have it originally, like so. <Row> <Type>BUILDING_KREPOST</Type> <Defense>250</Defense> </Row> But this gave me a "column Type is not unique" in Database.log. I've been trying to figure...
  4. 20886432

    Do Sensor Array defense bonuses stack with bunkers and geosynchronous Survey Pods?

    And also do they stack with Perimeter Defenses and Tachyon Fields?
  5. Gabriel Ovadia

    The role of railroads and highways

    Hi fanatics, In my games the highway almost doesn't show as the railroads are quickly shifted to electric rail road, and I find the combination of roads adjacent to railroads like in real world geography missing. and it made me think - why do we have roads and railroads in our real life? My...
  6. Viralvoid

    Defensive Wars?

    I've been struggling from early aggression from AIs. I know that AI has a bonus amount of production etc. In my last game, I barely defended my outpost city from a Mayan invasion. My army consists of 4-5 warriors, but he managed to have almost 1-2 horsemen, a few warriors at chariots. Luckily, I...
  7. Defense Advisor Report

    Defense Advisor Report

    Defense Advisor Report at 25 BC
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