King Phaedron

Oct 9, 2017
A type of late game city. The main advantage being that you can make a new city without any regard for district limits due to population, and with less overall construction. I think it would work like this:

1. If you make any land district, you can't make a line district, and if you make a line district, you can't make any other land districts, ever, including neighborhoods. (Possible exception for grove and aqueduct)
2. Limit of 2 Line Districts on two different sides of a city center. Each requires 3 tiles which must be purchased and suitable for construction.
3. Each tile of Line District provides 2 housing, so you effectively get +12 housing.
4. Line districts have no adjaceny bonus of any kind.
5. Build up to 6 types of standard buildings in Line Districts, such as Market, Barracks, Library, Amphitheatre, Arena, Workshop, Hanger, supermarket.
6. Each of the two line districts are protected with walls just like an encampment would be, though only the city center may attack.

Line replaces all standard land districts for that city, and lets you build the same buildings, but there is no adjaceny, and the overall construction cost of 2 line segments is a lot cheaper then building 6 districts. You can do it with just 4 population. So it's nice for very late game cities if you have the gold to spare. If you put a city with 2 line districts at the border of your empire, no one is ever getting through it, and only 4 tiles are available for melee units to attack the city center, 2 in front, 2 in the back.

All that being said, Line cities face major issues such as wind, heat, and sand, and in reality probably won't be a good idea, but for Civilization games, a fun thing to add.
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