1. B

    7 ideas for Civ 7-Unit training, group alliances, shared military, and more

    Well, Civ 7 has finally been announced. I'm sure everyone has their personal wishlist, wanted to include mine: 1. Revamped Unit Recruitment: You shouldn't have to use your production queue to build units. It has never made sense to me to have to choose between building a library and recruiting...
  2. BackseatTyrant

    Okay, but seriously, what exactly IS a civilization?

    More precisely, where does one civilization end and another begin? I'm certain pretty much everyone here have at some point had a heated debate about this, including yours truly, but never in a thread specifically about this subject, which is why I'm creating one. I could start off by listing...
  3. Hellenism Salesman

    [GS] Are Dams worth it?

    The dam is an interesting infrastructure district with many strengths and weaknesses. While I always plan my floodplain cities using dams and seek them out for extra Industrial Zone adjacency, their high production cost and resulting long build time makes me wonder- are dams worth it? I'm...
  4. Hellenism Salesman

    [NFP] History Simulator or Game: Civ's precarious balancing act

    Grab some snacks and find somewhere comfortable to sit because this is a long post :p Upon reading various discussions across this forum, I've come across a very interesting design struggle that is unique to Civ's niche genre of historical 4X. From my perspective, it seems as though developing...
  5. Arenn21

    What Civ-unique improvements need a buff?

    For example, the Kurgan is widely accepted as one of the worst unique improvements in the game. How would you buff it?
  6. S

    Playing tall: how good/bad is it and how to do it?

    So I am a fairly experience player with around 200 h and a few Diety wins under my belt. From what I understand playing optimally would traditionally include settling as many cities as possible, and conquering everything. But I find offensive wars a bit tedious and it to be more enjoyable to...
  7. Cooleatack

    Game Modes have great concepts - Are incredibly lackluster

    The latest patch added yet another game mode with a good idea, but poor execution/ which is incredibly lackluster. I would like to share my views and see what the community has to say about the topic. I feel like they could have added so much more content and interactions to all three paid...
  8. Snipergw

    Should Rivers provide City Connections?

    In Civ4, settling along cities was satisfying and rewarding in part because it provided automatic city connections. Of course, in that game, where every improvement needed a road, it ultimately wasn't that impactful. Civ5 removed this feature, replacing it in part with gold yields on rivers and...
  9. Ownsya

    [GS] Anti-Cav defense

    Not to reopen another discussion on anti-cavalry units but I wanted to share the experience I had (currently having) using anti-cav units. In the previous and long discussion, I came to the opinion that AC units were designed to be a decent defensive option in the game alongside their role of...
  10. Askia Muhammad

    Fall Patch - AI Land Combat

    Has anyone else noticed the AI becoming significantly better at waging land wars since the most recent patch? I will say that unless I'm rushed by the AI early in the game I still can handle them relatively well but I've noticed that they are attacking each other and are making meaningful gains...
  11. Videosyncratic

    Discussion: What do some Civics represent?

    With regards to the proposed 1900 starting date scenario I have been thinking about what different civics each civilisation should have, however, I have also realised that I am not entirely sure on what some of the civics are meant to represent. With that in mind, I would be very interested to...
  12. Fish Man

    The CIV IV random showerthought thread

    I have a bunch of random thoughts about certain aspects of IV, but I don't know where to put 'em, so here I am I guess. Some of these are suggestions, some of these are observations. Either way, feel free to read or comment. 1. Does anyone ever notice how peculiar it is that the "default" melee...
  13. Fish Man

    Emperor continents space victory - my hardest win yet

    So I moved up to emperor, and tried something new, a continents science victory with IMHO a pretty strong civ, Darius I of Persia. The starting location was pretty much all I could ask for in terms of food but pretty garbage in terms of commerce (financial helped a lot though). I decided...
  14. Fish Man

    [Rant] Downvoted for having an opinion

    Not sure if this is in the right place, or even if it belongs here at all, but the bottom line is this: I created a reddit post showing a stack of doom that I made, and me and everyone who dared to even suggest they like IV in the comments were downvoted to oblivion, with someone calling pretty...
  15. M

    With the changes to Great People, would you like to have seen something similar for Great Works?

    Hi everyone, Just curious about what you guys think of the Great Works. Do you think they should have approached things in a similar way to Great People (making Great Works unique, giving special buffs) or do you think it would have overcomplicated things? For me personally I would love to have...
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