1. gwennog

    Reforestation for VP v.5

    It's the same mod as the original with some modifications for VP Can't plant on snow. Workers can plant a forest and/or a jungle depending on the latitude. Small chances of having a resource that appears but only for camps, plantations or lumbermills. Credits: framedarchitecture ...
  2. SandFli

    Terrain Features: Does Civ VI or VII need more?

    Terrain Features have many uses in-game, including unique Civ abilities, and add lots of detail to the maps. Further Features could make environmental transitions more realistic and make the game world look great. The question is, is there space or need for more? Some starting ideas include...
  3. merijn_v1

    Forest Variations 2020-02-24

    New forest variations. Top row: New snowy forest 1, new snowy forest 2, default snowy forest (for comparison) Second row: Savanna*, default leafy forest (for comparison), bamboo forest Bottom row: Tropical forest (leafy and jungle combined), hybrid forest (leafy and evergreen combined) * The...
  4. Securion

    Plant forests.

    Please change so we can plant forests earlier in the game. Its one of the more satisfying things to be doing, "terraforming" the environment around you, and it would be more fun if we could start that earlier in the game. Its also more realistic of course. Having "new growth" not giving...
  5. Protect The Environment!

    Protect The Environment!

    Sid has cares about the environment. In this screenshot, the AI value the forest more than the city. That's real love for the Earth. But seriously, I was at war with Justinian and after I bombard the city, the AI just started moving their troops out of the city and into the forest. Probably...
  6. Chop Down A What!?

    Chop Down A What!?

    The Military Adviser clearly says that a Dutch Worker is chopping down their leader. It seems that the computer somehow crossed the workers action with it's leader.
  7. Genghis' Apples

    Genghis' Apples

    I need to get used to these random events! By the time I realised what a good laugh the shot would be, I already selected the opinion. For those who never encountered an apple forest, these forests yield +1 food.
  8. Highs and Lows

    Highs and Lows

    Xalani, Gwyst, Rekeli and Myrz nations represented here.
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