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  • Hi friend, I am play iNoc just few minute ago, why you left modding? I am get error and your mod shutdown, I'll tell you something honestly your mod is fantastic, have a lots of creative ideas, i am sad because i am not feel real power of all your codes, i have tradition before i start to play some mod, i am first go to civilopedia and look everything what mod have to offer, you can offer lots of interesting stuffs. I hope that you will return and finish iNOC.
    I decided that it was too ambitious to work on the mod I was working on. I'm on a new project now. So no advances, really.
    Any advances on the animal unit front? I found some quite promising units on the site you linked me to :) (and also a few others elsewhere, but also from Zoo Tycoon 2).
    I guess you don't receive notification when I simply add a visitor message to myself, as I did when I answered your question...
    I can imagine :p

    Graphics for non-human civilizations are quite hard to find... there are only a few, like Wookiees and Lizardmen. The game Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee has some alien-looking creatures, and they are in .nif format, but they need some editing to be used in Civ4.
    Hello! Thanks for the interest in the mod :)

    It is a mod for Civ4Col, rather than Civ4, though.

    The system of evolution is functional, and is as such: by surviving and reproducing, you accrue "evolution points", and after reaching a certain threshold, you are given the option to evolve to a new species. When you reach a sentient species, you get to establish a city-state. You can then establish a proper civilization, having thus more cities, but losing bonuses from being a city-state.

    Unfortunately though, I'm lacking graphics to make the evolution lines, since there is a lack of prehistorical animals (although there are a few around).
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