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Jul 7, 2015
    1. Zlatko
      Hi friend, I am play iNoc just few minute ago, why you left modding? I am get error and your mod shutdown, I'll tell you something honestly your mod is fantastic, have a lots of creative ideas, i am sad because i am not feel real power of all your codes, i have tradition before i start to play some mod, i am first go to civilopedia and look everything what mod have to offer, you can offer lots of interesting stuffs. I hope that you will return and finish iNOC.
    2. Androrc the Orc
      Androrc the Orc
      I had seen that thread. Indeed, his work is awesome! Are you planning on using any of it in iNoc?
    3. Daryl95
      I just looked it up. It's credited to both Franklin and Einstein, plus it's a Chinese proverb.
    4. topsecret
    5. Voyhkah
      I decided that it was too ambitious to work on the mod I was working on. I'm on a new project now. So no advances, really.
    6. Androrc the Orc
      Androrc the Orc
      Any advances on the animal unit front? I found some quite promising units on the site you linked me to :) (and also a few others elsewhere, but also from Zoo Tycoon 2).
    7. HardRocker
      My brother has Asperger's Syndrome too!
    8. Asaf
      I guess you don't receive notification when I simply add a visitor message to myself, as I did when I answered your question...
    9. Androrc the Orc
      Androrc the Orc
      Nice idea :)

      Do you have any idea on how to put animations in them?
    10. Androrc the Orc
      Androrc the Orc
      Unfortunately, I know nothing about Blender... Good luck though!
    11. Androrc the Orc
      Androrc the Orc
      Great news! Did you get to convert one to Civilization 4?
    12. Androrc the Orc
      Androrc the Orc
      I can imagine :p

      Graphics for non-human civilizations are quite hard to find... there are only a few, like Wookiees and Lizardmen. The game Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee has some alien-looking creatures, and they are in .nif format, but they need some editing to be used in Civ4.
    13. Androrc the Orc
      Androrc the Orc
      Hello! Thanks for the interest in the mod :)

      It is a mod for Civ4Col, rather than Civ4, though.

      The system of evolution is functional, and is as such: by surviving and reproducing, you accrue "evolution points", and after reaching a certain threshold, you are given the option to evolve to a new species. When you reach a sentient species, you get to establish a city-state. You can then establish a proper civilization, having thus more cities, but losing bonuses from being a city-state.

      Unfortunately though, I'm lacking graphics to make the evolution lines, since there is a lack of prehistorical animals (although there are a few around).
    14. southernp
      I am having a similar problem installing patches on Civ4 - have you discovered a solution yet?
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    Some liberal from New England.

    Politics, Software Engineering, Science, History, Reading


    Think things that I say are funny? That's okay, I didn't think so. But check out my Fake News Blog anyway!
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    Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies in the final sense a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. -Eisenhower
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