Forest Variations 2020-02-24

New forest variations

  1. merijn_v1
    New forest variations.

    Spoiler :

    Top row:
    New snowy forest 1, new snowy forest 2, default snowy forest (for comparison)
    Second row:
    Savanna*, default leafy forest (for comparison), bamboo forest
    Bottom row:
    Tropical forest (leafy and jungle combined), hybrid forest (leafy and evergreen combined)

    * The savanna is based on the savanna graphics by Pie. I removed all transparent trees and redundant shadows.

    XML is included.

    This is how it looks if Blue Marble is installed:
    Spoiler :


    1. Civ4ScreenShot0005.JPG
    2. Civ4ScreenShot0004.JPG