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  1. sman1975

    Second Punic War Civ Pack 2023-12-09

    This Civ Pack is being tested as part of the development of a new Second Punic War scenario. That is the next iteration of the Merlin Scenario Management Engine. It is early in development, so there are many features that haven't been tested yet (which is why it's being uploaded here/now - so...
  2. Brixter

    Gaul should have double Mine Tourism but they made a mistake.

    Gaul was meant to have double tourism from mines. If you check the code, you see this. <TraitType>TRAIT_CIVILIZATION_GAUL</TraitType> <ModifierId>GAUL_MINE_TOURISM</ModifierId> <ModifierId>GAUL_MINE_TOURISM</ModifierId>...
  3. Brixter

    Gaul Recon, Stronger Oppidum, Upgradeable Gaesatae, Double Mine Tourism

    I reworked Gaul's abilities to how I think it should work. Features: 1. Recon units receive Ambiorix' ability (King of the Eburones) instead of Ranged units. - Recon units are a better fit for Ambiorix' death ball strategy since they are close combatants too, unlike Ranged units. This also...
  4. Brixter

    Switched Melee and Anti-Cavalry in the tech tree

    The premise of this mod is that weaker units should be unlocked earlier and should be cheaper to produce. Anti-Cavalry are weaker than Melee. Assuming you have the required strategic resources, there is no reason to produce Anti-cavalry because Melee units are superior. Also, what's the use of...
  5. Hellenism Salesman

    [NFP] You Rank the New Frontier Pass Civs (and Leaders)

    Okay, so ranking Civilzations is difficult, due to the insane amount of factors you can take into account. Attempting to rank them based on general quality is even more difficult, as it's a combination of all those factors. And, depending on person to person, not only does subjectivity take...
  6. megabearsfan

    [NFP] A General Strategy for Ambiorix of Gaul

    I've posted a new strategy guide for Ambiorix of Gaul in the New Frontiers DLC pass. It's available at my personal blog at: http://www.megabearsfan.net/post/2020/11/06/Civilization-VI-strategy-Ambiorix-of-Gaul.aspx Here's a few tips from the guide: Gaul is kind of the opposite of Maya. Instead...
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