Gaul Recon, Stronger Oppidum, Upgradeable Gaesatae, Double Mine Tourism

Gaul Recon, Stronger Oppidum, Upgradeable Gaesatae, Double Mine Tourism

I reworked Gaul's abilities to how I think it should work.


1. Recon units receive Ambiorix' ability (King of the Eburones) instead of Ranged units.

- Recon units are a better fit for Ambiorix' death ball strategy since they are close combatants too, unlike Ranged units. This also gives the underused Recon units a chance to shine.

2. Warrior Monks receive Ambiorix' ability.

- Warrior Monks are Melee units in their own right and deserve to get the same ability.

3. Increased Oppidum's Mine adjacency from +0.5 to +1 Production.

- Oppidum is weaker compared to Industrial Zone and Hansa because it relies too much on luck. You don't know where would Hills, Quarries and Strategic resources show up. On the other hand, you can strategically plan out where you build your Aqueduct, Dam, Canal and Commercial Hub, giving Industrial Zones and Hansa higher adjacency bonuses. This slight buff would make Oppidum on par with them.

4. Gaesatae upgrade to Swordsman instead of Man-at-Arms

- Gaul's weakpoint is the gap between Gaesatae and Man-at-Arms because they are weaker than Swordsman. And it doesn't make sense why a Warrior replacement doesn't upgrade to Swordsman like all the rest.

5. Bug fix. Mines yield double Tourism

- Gaul was coded to have double Mine Tourism but the developers used the wrong ModifierType. I fixed it.
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  1. Bug fix

    Gaul mines give +100% Tourism
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