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  1. N

    [BNW] expansion packs civs missing

    Hi In a custom game settings, expansion packs civs missing if BNW and G&K both are enabled. Only Ethiopia is listed which is included in both expansion pack. I saw this problem earlier but I hope there is a solution by now. MacOSX 10.13.6. (high sierra)
  2. theLateWizard

    Missing Civilizations from G&K and BNW

    Hi I am having an issue with the steam copy of my civilization V game. I have installed, reinstalled the game, and individually reinstalled the DLC's. In game, when I go to the DLC menu, both expansions are listed there and set to active. When I go to play a new game, I don't have _any_ of...
  3. Hjommd

    Ålandian Civilization version 2020-12-23

    Ålandian Civilization (G&K + BNW) The Åland Islands is a group of islands between Finland and Sweden populated by a Swedish-speaking minority. With their central position in the Baltic Sea the Åland Islands has been a strategic place for the political powers of the region. Controlled for...
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