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Ålandian Civilization version 2020-12-23

Ålandian Civilization v.4. A very re-worked version for GK+BNW.

  1. Hjommd
    Ålandian Civilization (G&K + BNW)

    The Åland Islands is a group of islands between Finland and Sweden populated by a Swedish-speaking minority. With their central position in the Baltic Sea the Åland Islands has been a strategic place for the political powers of the region. Controlled for centuries by Sweden, controlled by Russia during the 19th century and today a self-governing region of Finland, the history of Åland is a history of war and peace, of success and disaster, of occupation and autonomy. The Islands got their home-rule in 1922, much due to the struggle of Julius Sundblom, a local politician and editor-in-chief.

    Sea Resources, except oil, are doubled and Åland gets +1 Gold per Fishing Boat.

    Replaces the Seaport. The Shipping Company costs nothing in maintainance, gives 50% Gold for Trade Routes from the City and a Merchant Specialist. After Steam Power is learned it provides +2 Tourism as well. Building the Harbor is a prerequisite for building the Shipping Company and the City must be built on a coast.

    The Huskarl is a medieval unit that is available earlier than the Longswordsman that he replaces. He gets double embarked movement along coasts due to a unique free promotion that is lost when the unit is upgraded to a Musketman.

    This my fourth - and final - version of an Ålandian civilization. The previous version had some errors that have been fixed and the trait, the unique unit and unique building have all been thoroughly reworked.

    The Huskarl unit is taken from the Gods & Kings scenario Fall of Rome. The same unit is used in the 1066 scenario from the Denmark DLC, but you don’t have to own that DLC for this mod to work.

    The War- and Peace Music is Ålänningens sång by Johan Fridolf Hagfors, played by the Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra, from the album The Complete National Antems of the World. I don’t own the rights to the music or the recording.

    If this download doesn’t work there is an alternative download on the Steam Workshop.


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