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leader modding

  1. Thorvald of Lym

    Historical Accuracy Upgrade

    Thanks to various user patches, many of Civ2's original engine limits have been overcome: a game map can cover over 30,000 tiles, thousands of units and hundreds of cities. Suffice to say, the original 20–30 city namelist average starts to feel inadequate. Several weeks ago I started musing...
  2. Griffinton

    Creating an alternative leader

    How would one make an alternative leader for an already existing Civilization, let's say... Japan?
  3. Felipe Vieira

    I'm not a coder and I'm trying to create a leader mod for Brazil, please help me.

    So, good morning, comrades. First of all, I'm new at Civilization VI, new at modding and I my knowledge of coding/programming is close to zero. After I tested a lot of excellent mods (such as the one I'm playing with now, the amazing Luegi's Getúlio Vargas which adds Getúlio Vargas as an...
  4. SlySlySly

    Leader Ability and Adding New Leader to Existing Civ

    So my main goal is to add a new leader for the Japanese civilization. I'm not sure exactly how I would do this. I'm trying to use a template and I think it might work but I'm not exactly sure. (I attached what I have) Essentially, I only used the leader section of the template and I edited all...
  5. fetis

    Is it possible to have multiple leaders for civ?

    Hello. I'm doing my first simple mod which just add a new leader to Russia. Technically, XML doesn't prevent to have many leaders for civ and I have 2 Russian leader in the selection screen. But when I actually click the leader and select, the selected leader remains always Catherine (default...
  6. BurgerKuo

    HELP! Are there any geniuses can create a civilization mod for me?

    I need a specialist to create and modify a civilization mod for me, including traits, leader animation or picture, icon, etc. Any tips or advises? message me please.
  7. D

    Damage Incorporated's The Utopian Struggle Mod Release

    Damage Incorporated (DI) Civilization 6 Division is releasing its new upcoming mod The Utopian Struggle for Civilization 6. The mod is out now on the steam workshop found under the most recent tab for anyone interested in playing. There is a version for those without the DLC and those who have...
  8. Jeremy Tusant

    Which trait would you give Israel?

    I'm trying to edit/mod a Civ in CivIII to match the Civilization of Israel for myself to play with. David or Solomon as the leader, I've pulled the list of the 10 largest current cities in Israel and can use those for my first 10 cities, the rest will come from well known locations in Israel...
  9. SlySlySly

    How to make a civ and leader?

    Hello. I want to know how to make a civilization and a leader. Many people would likely say, "the SDK has a template of it." Sadly, I'm on a mac so it won't help me. I want to know the basic coding structure and what it requires. If someone would be willing to put together a very simple template...
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