1. PDX Firefly

    Millennia | Release!

    Hello there! It's your friendly neighborhood Community Ambassador Firefly, here, and it's finally time. Millennia is now officially RELEASED!!! I have created a few things to assist you with your Millennia journey, and in the spirit of transparency, I'm starting with linking you to a Known...
  2. billw2015

    FPK live (tm)

    @Toffer90 came up with ingenious suggestion to build the FPKs IN the dll, and I confirmed that this should be in theory possible. What it would mean is: No FPKs in SVN, loose files instead: Faster update, faster commit, easier and faster merge, better history, easier art changes etc. All the...
  3. GravityWave

    [BTS] Civilization IV Live Stream

    One day a week (Tuesday normally) I'll be live streaming a game of Civilization BTS on YouTube. You can also watch after the fact and so can observe all my mistakes, and maybe some triumphs. Here is Part I: My YouTube channel, where I post retro as well as current gaming stuff, is here...
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