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Nov 1, 2023
Hello there! It's your friendly neighborhood Community Ambassador Firefly, here, and it's finally time. Millennia is now officially RELEASED!!!

I have created a few things to assist you with your Millennia journey, and in the spirit of transparency, I'm starting with linking you to a Known Issues List that covers recent issues we found in the game.

Followed by a Player Resources page for Millennia, where right now you can find our Feature Breakdowns, Tutorials, and Wiki! This page will also be updated in the future to include modding guides written by me, but I'll also be sure to create a YouTube series on how to mod Millennia for all of you who requested it.

Finally, as this is a new game, you might have questions that pop up while you are playing, so I have created an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) below to hopefully answer all of the most important questions. If I find anything that is being asked a lot, I will also be sure to update it!


Multiplayer IP Login Solve Guide

Launcher Update Guide

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

“What multiplayer options are currently available?”

Answer: At launch, Millennia supports both local Hotseat play and “Cloud” Hotseat play. To access Multiplayer, players will need to create a Paradox Account first, then start the multiplayer game and do their turns in sequential order, like in the single-player game. To launch a Cloud Hotseat game, players must initially all gather in a lobby and be able to connect to each other to pass around initial setup information.

An alternative mode, where players can do their turns simultaneously, is planned for the future.

“When is the Simultaneous Multiplayer going to be available?”

Answer: We do not yet have a specific timeframe to announce here, but we are actively working on it and will share more information when it will be available (and beta testing opportunities) as soon as we have some details worked out.

Mod Support

“What modding support is currently available?”

Answer: At launch, Millennia does not have any direct modding support. We know that modding is important to the community and it is a high priority for us. Modding, with integrated Steam Workshop support, will be coming sometime in 2024 and we will share more details and a more specific timeline as soon as possible.

“How moddable will the game be?”

Answer: Almost all of the gameplay in Millennia is done via data-driven XML files, so we anticipate that most, if not all, of the content in Millennia will be moddable once mod support is available.

We have not yet determined what level of UI modding will be available when we first roll out mod support.

UI & Visuals

“How do I delete a Custom Nation I created?”

Answer: This is not possible from the in-game UI yet, but will be added in a future patch. Meanwhile, if you want to remove them yourself they can be found in the following folder: AppData\LocalLow\CPromptGames\Millennia\CustomNation

You may safely delete any individual .xml files there outside of the game as a workaround until the in-game UI is available.

“How do I find a list of available hotkeys?”

Answer: These can be found in the Options menu, under the “Controls” tab.

“How do I remap my hotkeys?”

Answer: Hotkey remapping is not available in Millennia at launch, but will be added in a future patch.


“I started going to the Age of Iron, then triggered the Age of Blood. The game let me still go to the Age of Iron anyways. What gives?”

Answer: Once you qualify for an Age advance and start putting research points into it, you are “safe” and cannot be forced out by your own Crisis Age progression. However, if another player reaches the next Age before you, that Age will become the only available Age advance choice.

“Why did my Khan just disappear?”

Answer: The special Khan unit granted when taking the Khans National Spirit only lasts for 50 turns. We will be adding better visibility into the time remaining in a future patch.

“I started a two-player Continents map and both of us are on the same continent!”

Answer: When playing on the Continents map with either two or three players, all players will start together on one continent (leaving the other one ripe for mid-game expansion). This will be clarified better in a future patch.

“Can I keep playing after the game ends?”

Answer: Not currently, but this is something we are considering adding support for.

“My Swidden Farm / Burial Mound / Monument shows that it gathers multiple things, but I don’t see them all in the Worker UI.”

Answer: Improvements can have both “worked” outputs that are only generated when a Worker is assigned to them, and “automatic” outputs that are generated just by having the Improvement exist. The UI for assigning Workers only shows the “worked” output, or what you will get by specifically putting a Worker there.

“Where is the Culture Power for Truce / Found Religion?”

Answer: Culture Powers for a given Domain (such as Engineering, Diplomacy, etc.) are only unlocked once you have gained at least one point in that Domain. For example, in order to use the “Found Religion” Culture Power, you must have at least one point of Arts XP.

From us at Paradox Interactive & C Prompt Games, we hope you love the game! <3
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Congrats on the release! I’m returning to 4x to try Millenia, after skipping the demo, and have enjoyed my first three ages. Currently at war with Persia and we are some 2-3 turns away from an age of plague, I’m sure nothing *that* bad is going to happen, right?

Overall I am liking what I am seeing of combat, with units retreating at 0 morale and being able to route an army (though seems a little extreme that a scout can take out three Iron Age units). Still waiting to see how the AI plays in this domain. The animations, I think as long as you view this like a PC board game, serve the intended purpose, though I think an auto-resolve on the map option would be cool down the road, I just like seeing who retreats and who dies most of the time.

Learning curve on the economy and city/town/outpost/vassal management has been pretty steep, for folks highly sensitive to such things on their first play thru, but I like the “I have a problem with this, let me dig up a solution” dynamic.

Edit: So age of plague was painful, but not in the way I expected. I think my main issue with the game so far is that it doesn’t respect the players flow. Ending a turn leads to a jarring zip around the map, even though everything happens too fast to make any sense of it, making you regroup to resume whatever you were working on at the end of last turn. Age of plague makes this 10x worse having to search for click on outbreaks every single turn, further disrupting any attempt at flow. I don’t mind if it takes 10 seconds to process, but I’d rather just keep my view frozen where I am between turns so I can immediately build whatever improvement I was planning or view whatever battle result I was most interested in when I pressed end turn.

That said, Renaissance and Enlightenment were surprising satisfying optimizing and specializing my cities. Once I had 60+ warfare/turn it made quick work of the game using a stack of muskets with forced march and reinforcements to capture 2 cities per turn on the other continent. I think I’ll try another at higher difficulty, but I would be terrified to face an AI that utilized these domain powers, and I am curious if they do.
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As it stands, on Steam, I see that out of 25 curators:

12 recommended (good)
11 informational (neutral)
2 not recommended (bad)

If I weight it with 2-1-0 scores, then it is 35/50, which makes 70%

I checked civ6: out of ca. 1000 curators, ca. 90 is "not recommended" - same proportion!
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