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  1. R82

    [NEWCIV] Bincmal - A very simple, basic beginner's Mod (no original artwork) that "combines" Incans, Malinese, and Byzantines into one Civ

    This is the first time I post one of my fairly simple mods. It's simply a combination of my favorite Leader traits, UU, UB, and starting techs. These are mainly from the Incans, Malinese, and Byzantines, so I called the new Civ "Bincmal". The leader, who is named "Imab" as an unoriginal...
  2. Lonecat Nekophrodite

    Cental African Civs in Civ7?

    These referred to peoples that had Mandekalus. 1. What should be the name of these civs? Songhai or Mali? 2. Who else should be newcomers from there??
  3. inquisitive_otter

    [GS] VidLP - Worst. Start. Ever. Deity Mali

    Greetings civfanatics! Recently I have come across to several postings of horrible starts. I'm talking about snow tiles surrounded by mountains kind of starts. And I thought, let's try to play one of those to see how it goes. I couldn't get any of the horrible starts that I found online to...
  4. Caprikel

    How would you make a current Civ more Asymmetrical?

    So in other words, take a civ and give it both a thematic malus and bonus to make the civ more asymmetrical in design similar to Mali, Kongo, and Maori. I'm quite a fan of Asymmetrical civ designs since they make the civ more unique and change gameplay more so than with other civs, so I thought...
  5. Caprikel

    [GS] Nazca Lines and the Power of Desert tiles

    I'm curious as to what you guys think of the viability of desert cities now that Nazca lines are a thing? I have a few screenshots from my Mali game to show some examples of what they can do. Here is an example of a Petra city with Nazca lines surrounding the outer tiles, along with one...
  6. Sostratus

    Hansa/Suguba Guide 2019-06-23

    **Updated for June 2019 IZ changes! See the updates tab for much more!! ** See below image for what I'm referring to in this text. Many players enjoy getting the most out of their districts. It is a wonderfully fun addition to empire building in Civ6. Several unique districts have special...
  7. Quno

    [GS] [Critical BUG] An unfixed bug that will probably affect Mali

    This BUG has been there for a year already. Now because it may vastly affect new civ Mali (making it almost unplayable), hope Firaxis can take care of it. This BUG was first discovered by someone else shortly after the release of R&F, yet probably a lot of people are not aware of it, I may just...
  8. KayAU

    Does anybody use district workers/specialists?

    So, with Mali announced, one of my thoughts was that this would be a civ which might want to work districts. Settling in the desert means you will have fewer good tiles to work around the city, yet the passive food income means you will be able to grow your city to a decent size anyway. This got...
  9. Hawke9

    [GS] (POLL) What will be the SIXTH first look?

    Mali looks pretty great, love the way they're forcing Mali in a specific playstyle with the production penalties. Anyway, I think the next civ will be either Sweden or Phoenicia.
  10. Liufeng

    Vote for your 3 civs you would most like to see (Part VI : Maghreb and West Africa) ?

    Hello everyone, the poll comes out a bit earlier than usual because I simply won't have time to do it tomorrow. Today, we change continents and go to Africa. PLEASE READ THIS POST BEFORE POSTING things like "where's "x" african civ ?". It was really hard to come up with a good division among...
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