1. jarcast2

    DJSHenninger's Nepal for VP

    This is the thread where to discuss the balance of the mod. Unfortunately, I don't have much time for playtesting, I just did the bare minimum to check that everything works, so I have to rely mostly on your feedbacks for the fine-tuning. Nepal DOWNLOAD (removed because I'm gonna rework and...
  2. jarcast2

    DJSHenninger's Nepal (BNW) renovated and VP compatible

    Download removed because I am going to rework and re-release the mod (14/05/2023). Original design Design if playing with Vox Populi mod Features: Mod is playable standalone with or without Vox Populi XML code converted to SQL Updated mod support (JFDLC, YnAEMP v25, Additional...
  3. S

    Suggested new Hindu & Buddhist civilizations

    I suggest bringing some of the civilizations in Civ V BNW over to Civ VI. Also, based on some mods in Civ V, here's what I'd like to see. Religions are listed under both the original list, as well as the ones that come w/ Tomatekh's historical religions pack. Currently, Gandhi is there in...
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