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  1. L. Vern

    Road Planner for VP 2024-04-01

    More control over automated route construction
  2. L. Vern

    [QoL] Squads: Group Movement + RTS Style Control Groups 0.3

    Group Movement + RTS Style Control Groups See the main thread for details https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/qol-squads-group-movement-rts-style-control-groups.682627/
  3. civplayer33

    Community poll: adding a more easily visible Tribute breakdown to City Banners

    Since I'm currently playing a game with Autocracy and wanted to check the current state of the Autocracy diplomatic game specifically, among other things, I've noticed a great annoyance: tributing City States requires having a certain amount of units within a certain range, among many other...
  4. Hippie_Peace_man

    QoL Suggestions

    World Maps should be available to trade in the mid renaissance era at the latest. Gameplay-wise, I would prefer trading world maps to be available in late-medieval, early-renaissance era. It seems stupidly bizarre to me that world maps can’t be traded until late industrial era (which is late...
  5. fertiliser

    [BNW] [Bugfixes] [Optimisation] Has it been done before?

    I have a reasonable amount of experience with modding Civ5, but have always avoided the DLL due to compatibility issues. This time around. there's an ambitious project on the horizon. It involves bugfixes and QoL, that may or may not have been done in the past. I'd like to make sure before I...
  6. E

    Tidy Tech Tree for Vox Populi 1.6

    Preface This is an endeavor to make all items unlocked by technologies visible at a glance. As you might know, it's impossible at the moment because the tech tree interface only supports up to 5 items per tech, requiring the player to hover over them to see more. Due to this limitation many...
  7. f1rpo

    Advanced Civ 1.10

    An extension of K-Mod. The bulk of the changes concern the AI; a few balance changes; practically no flavor changes; no added content. Multiplayer is supported and has been tested – but not thoroughly. Features Rewrite of the AI parts dealing with decisions on war and peace; revision of AI...
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