Advanced Civ 1.03

Aiming at challenging, intuitive gameplay; based on K-Mod.

  1. f1rpo
    An extension of K-Mod. The bulk of the changes concern the AI; a few balance changes; practically no flavor changes; no added content. Multiplayer is supported and has been tested – but not thoroughly.


    Rewrite of the AI parts dealing with decisions on war and peace; revision of AI relations modifiers; some rules and balance changes, mainly to address loopholes; overhaul of Barbarian placement; culture of dead civs stays in the game; various AI and usability improvements; game options "Rise & Fall" (periodically take over a different civ from the AI) and "Start Points as Handicap" (Advanced Start only for AI-controlled civs).

    Please refer to the manual (not included in the main download) and the development thread for more information. Apart from that thread, there's also a forum for feedback and discussion.

    Spoiler :
    Copy the unzipped AdvCiv folder into Beyond the Sword\Mods under Program Files. When the mod is loaded for the first time, it creates a folder My Games\Beyond the Sword\AdvCiv for the BUG settings. You'll have to remove this folder manually to fully uninstall AdvCiv.

    The above assumes a BtS installation from optical disc on Windows 8 or earlier, though I understand that it works the same way with the edition and on Windows 10. Steam users may have to revert to the Game Spy version in order to run any mods, and the Mods folder should be in Steamapps\Common\Sid Meier's Civilization IV Beyond the Sword\Beyond the Sword. On Unix-based systems, the mod can only be played through a virtual machine or Wine. (These guides might help, but I haven't tried either of them: MacOS, Linux. This post also looks pertinent.)

    To start the mod through a Windows shortcut, create a shortcut to Civ4BeyondSword.exe, open the shortcut's file properties, and add a space and mod=\AdvCiv to the Target field.

    It is possible to play with more than 18 civs by replacing AdvCiv\Assets\CvGameCoreDLL.dll with this version of the file. However, doing so degrades performance a bit (i.e. makes AI turns take longer) in games with 18 or fewer civs, and the two DLLs are not savegame-compatible with each other.


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Recent Reviews

  1. The_Reckoning
    Version: 0.99
    Awesome, keep up the great work! Deserves way more attention.

    The manual and your well-referenced rationale for changes puts to shame professional developers.
  2. Akbarthegreat
    Version: 0.97b
    Great mod
  3. Major Tom
    Major Tom
    Version: 0.96e
    Very good
  4. dnbgheysf
    Version: 0.96e
    Amazing mod, this is the only mod you need to experience an improved, but not changed too much from the original, CIV4 experience. This is how CIV4 should have been from the start!
  5. TheUnderNoticed
    Version: 0.91
    A love letter to any civ fanatic. An excellent way to update the AI performances and relive and have fun being a sovereign!
  6. mark65479569
    Version: 0.88
    I've been attacked by 3 civs. While they arrive with decent sized armies they hasitate to attack. They keep destroying my improvements but that's about it. I cant do anything since they are unwilling to negotiate any peace treaty. pretty much a waste of time. What bothers me the most is that I cant get my friendly neighbors to help me (15+ diplomatic relations) but that's a problem in any civ game... Anything other in the MOD is well done.
    1. f1rpo
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the feedback. I've just uploaded v0.89, which improves the AI logic for negotiating peace a little bit. From the GitHub log: "... in situations when the AI wants peace, but thinks that the human player wants peace more badly and therefore demands reparations (gold, tech, cities) ..., the AI now agrees to fewer reparations after a while if the human doesn't have enough to give." Can't say if this fixes the problem with the stalemate war in your game, but there certainly was a problem. I could look into the other issues (dogpiling, city attack courage, assistance for friends) if you happen to still have a savegame.
  7. AnonCivFan
    Version: 0.88
    I do not play Civ VI anymore because of this mod.
  8. xaster
    Version: 0.87
    Very good one !!