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test of time patch project

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    The Great Lua Library

    This thread is meant to serve two related purposes. The first is to provide a general Q&A thread for Lua and related topics. The second is to provide a link index for questions and their answers, as well as other resources. I'll edit this post periodically to add links to the questions and...
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    [TOT] Installing Test of Time in Linux Mint 20

    EDIT: Test of Time Patch Project v0.16 was released, so a couple instructions are no longer necessary. I've edited the relevant sections (but didn't bother changing TOTPP15 references). It's probably worth checking this page to see if a later version is available before starting. This thread...
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    [TOTPP] Prof. Garfield's Lua Code Thread

    For my current method of code distribution, see this thread instead. I've decided to change the way I 'distribute' the Lua code I've been working on. Until now, I've started a thread for each 'type' of module/library that I've made, with the intention of posting updates to each thread when...
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    TOTPP movement multipliers

    Quick-ish question: when playing scenarios made for TOTPP, should I always check the movement multipliers box? When enabled, it makes unit movement on railroads NOT unlimited. I am not sure if this is intended for all TOT scenarios (I was just playing Techumseh's newest, Burma), just curious if...
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    [TOT] [TOTPP] Custom Music Patch

    I have taken advantage of @TheNamelessOne 's TOTPPv0.18.1 to create "Extended Music For TOTPP" Note that this download is ~50MB, since it contains all the music that has shipped with any version of Civ II. Even if you don't want any of the extensions, this is an easy way to get the tracks...
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    [TOT] [TOTPP] The General Library

    Edit: Go to this thread for updates to the General Library. The General Library is a collection of relatively basic functions with wide potential use. The standard usage will be gen.generalLibraryFunction(input1,input2) The General Library is currently under construction, so go to the last...
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    [TOT] [TOTPP] Legacy Event Engine Development Thread

    The purpose of the Legacy Event Engine is to allow Test of Time events written in the original "macro language" to be used in scenarios that take advantage of the Lua Events System made available with the Test of Time Patch Project. When complete, this will allow older scenarios to be updated...
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