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  2. MangoCheeseCakey

    Theodora in Lego Brickheadz form (MOC)

    Brickhead Theodora invited your delegates to the hippodrome. Previous Civ 6 leader Brickheadz: Sejong Cleopatra (Ptolemaic) Sundiata Keita Ramses II Qin Shi Huang (Unifier) Wu Zetian Yongle Suleiman (Muhteşem) Nader Shah Tokugawa Saladin (Sultan) Nzinga Mbande Julius Caesar Abraham Lincoln
  3. Laurana Kanan

    [LP] Leader Pass Pack 5: Great Builders (Mar. 2023) - Patch Notes Discussion

    Rebuild the world to be better than ever with the Great Builders Pack*. This is the fifth of six packs included in the Civilization VI: Leader Pass**. Version Size = 1.24 GB ─────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── THEODORA...
  4. Laurana Kanan

    Leader Spotlight: Theodora

    The Empress I am Theodora, who came from nothing to the throne on nought but dreams. May I never see the day when those who meet me do not call me Empress.
  5. Eagle Pursuit

    [LP] Leader Pass Pack 5: Great Builders Revealed (Coming Mar. 15th)

    Coming March 15th (a Wednesday) The fith leader package for the Civilization 6 Leader Pass has been announced: The Great Builders. This leader pack will feature Theodora of Byzantium, Ludwig II of Germany and Sejong of Korea. The release is scheduled for March 15.
  6. S

    Why I love Civ VI already, and other observations....

    I’ve played three games so far on Civ VI. The first one lasted maybe 30 turns, as Germany didn’t like me right next door and promptly wiped me out. The second one, as Scythia, is ongoing, as I repel constant warring nations. The third is America, where I’m winning a domination victory if only...
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