1. TahamiTsunami

    Changes to Elimination Games

    In the latest Never Before Seen Civs - Elimination Thread, there's been some comments about how perhaps there should be some changes to some of the rules of future Elimination Game threads and I figured that its about time to discuss that more. One of the discussed changes is changing it so...
  2. Bangra 7

    [BNW] Diplomacy setup (LUA)

    So. Here's the thing: I've already practically finished a mod programming for Brave New World, but I want to script in some parameters for specific maps/scenarios to use. Basically, the MOD is an earth-based mod called Alien Earth, and I want to use LUA or SQL, even XML if necessary, to create...
  3. Turrdy

    Support Unit Elimination Thread

    I know, I know... enaugh is enaugh. But this is a short one. Rules are the same as always! (-3/+1; state your reason; once every 24 hours) Anti-Air Gun - 20 Battering Ram - 20 Medic - 20 Military Engineer - 20 Mobile SAM - 20 Observation Balloon - 20 Siege Tower - 20 Have Fun! The Rankings...
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