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    Triumph and Tragedy: Bronze Age to Late Antiquity v1.0a ToTPP

    NOTE: This is an alpha version of this mod (currently in playtesting). Report bugs here. This mod simulates, in general, a Mediterranean/Ancient Near East-like world moving from the bronze age to late antiquity (~1800 BCE to ~500 CE). The preferred game mode is a new game, with a custom-made...
  2. Pablostuka

    The Spanish Civil War v4 for ToT + ToTPP + Lua - Development Thread [ON HOLD]

    Introduction to SCW v4 I first started designing and creating the Spanish Civil War scenario for Civ2 MGE back in 2002 when I was just a teenager. Back then I reached José Pellón (a.k.a. @Kramsib) in the Spanish Apolyton Site for permission to use his wonderful Iberian Peninsula map. The first...
  3. P

    [TOTPP] Prof. Garfield's Lua Code Thread

    For my current method of code distribution, see this thread instead. I've decided to change the way I 'distribute' the Lua code I've been working on. Until now, I've started a thread for each 'type' of module/library that I've made, with the intention of posting updates to each thread when...
  4. P

    [TOT] [TOTPP] Custom Music Patch

    I have taken advantage of @TheNamelessOne 's TOTPPv0.18.1 to create "Extended Music For TOTPP" Note that this download is ~50MB, since it contains all the music that has shipped with any version of Civ II. Even if you don't want any of the extensions, this is an easy way to get the tracks...
  5. P

    [TOT] [TOTPP] The Munitions Library

    The Munitions Library is a module that provides some functionality for generating munitions or recruiting units based on a key press when a "spawning" unit is active. Feel free to post requesting extra features or bug fixes, or even to implement extra features or bug fixes. An example of usage...
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