1. F

    Increasing Trader Movement based on Tech

    I am trying to increase the movement that traders move based on the technology you have. I know this will not change turns it will take to finish, but I would like to see if I can have traders zooming across the screen every turn in late game, and its a good learning goal. Currently, my current...
  2. Q

    [] Trade Route ends abruptly; alliance ends, volcano erupts

    On turn 144, I have an international trade route from Kashamarka to Aachen. The trader is 1 tile east of Aachen. On turn 145, the trader is back in Kashamarka, available to start a trade route. It so happens that my alliance with Germany ends at the same time, so I wonder if these are...
  3. jesperben

    [GS] Do I waste my early trader on roads?

    I love roads between my cities. They are of course very good for hurrying units around, but in earlier Civ-versions roads also created gold, so I have always had a good network between my cities, and somehow it appeals to my image of a welfunctioning civilization. Now with traders creating the...
  4. sbadude

    [R&F] After Update Cannot Send Trade Routes [SOLVED]

    After the September Update, I can no longer initiate trade routes. After I get my first trader, I can click the unit and pull up the list of possible trade routes. After selecting a city I wish to trade with, the "Begin" button does not work. I can just keep clicking and clicking. I have tried...
  5. L

    [R&F] [] Trading posts not working properly?

    This issue appeared in an online duel game, at marathon speed. It appears to me that trading posts are not always working to extend trade route ranges. See the attached screenshot and save. FYI, Bydgoszcz is exactly 15 tiles from Wroclaw, so within normal trading range. In this game, I had...
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