1. jesperben

    [GS] Do I waste my early trader on roads?

    I love roads between my cities. They are of course very good for hurrying units around, but in earlier Civ-versions roads also created gold, so I have always had a good network between my cities, and somehow it appeals to my image of a welfunctioning civilization. Now with traders creating the...
  2. sbadude

    [R&F] After Update Cannot Send Trade Routes [SOLVED]

    After the September Update, I can no longer initiate trade routes. After I get my first trader, I can click the unit and pull up the list of possible trade routes. After selecting a city I wish to trade with, the "Begin" button does not work. I can just keep clicking and clicking. I have tried...
  3. L

    [BNW] Rule Through the Ages

    This is for discussion of the Rule Through the Ages mod. A total conversion that drastically alters many elements of gameplay. See download page here: or steam here (requires login)...
  4. L

    Rule Through the Ages v9

    Lead your empire without spending time in all of them micromanagement. TLDR: Large changes to the game with the goal of allowing you to make interesting decisions ruling your empire in a game that will be much faster to play than Civ 5. Game set up options: No action diplmacy screens as...
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