1. Long try

    [BTS] Need to find some bits of strategy/tactics

    Back in the old forum, about a decade ago, I read quite a lot of neat tricks and plays that are really smart. I managed to apply some, others I've forgotten. To prepare for my return to Civ4, I want to revisit them, especially those that I wasn't able to implement. Here are a few I still...
  2. G

    I Was on a Winning Streak, Then the AI Started Hustling Me!

    I'm not sure what, if anything changed, but shortly after winning enough games handily, I'm suddenly finding it much harder to find that same mojo. I've been playing Metropolis difficulty on a Huge map at Endless speed (because even that barely seems to leave me with a satisfactory span of time...
  3. CivLifeRyoutube

    [NFP] Babylon Tips And Tricks (Works For Diety)

    I thought that Babylon was going to be insane and absolutely S tier. And I was right! Babylon is the newest civ in the New Frontier pass, and it just seems to be getting stronger and stronger when it comes to how strong the civs are. First Gran Colombia now Babylon, they are genuinely the best...
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