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  1. Enyavar

    Poland can into space (1.16.2)

    But, in more seriousness and without further meme-ing, I think that the current game needs a new Poland Guide. Here's a link to the previous one which may still be valid in some ways (dunno the DoC version for that walkthrough but it still had a Leaning Tower). I set for myself the goal to win...
  2. D

    1.16 Japan 600AD UHV - 4 city start

    This is a detailed strategy for 600AD Japan to complete UHV1 (1600AD), followed by a suggested conquest order and foreign policy to achieve UHV2 & UHV3. Thanks to Leoreth & the mod community for creating this great experience. Screenshots are from current git version, played at epic speed...
  3. Enyavar

    Mongolia (DoC 1.15 Normal Monarch) - Conquest Victory

    As the title of the thread says: This playthrough is with Mongolia, DoC v.1.15, Monarch Difficulty, Normal Speed. I turned the territories over to Mongolia just as planned in 1190). That way, Mongolia could start with a couple banks and post stations, they inherited the Great Wall and could...
  4. G

    Congo UHV is ridiculous!!!

    UHV1: Acquire 15% of the votes in the Apostolic Palace by 1650AD Solution - Get LUCKY and hope to enslave at least one of the first 2 Impis and then send that slave along the coast via Mali and the Moors to get in touch with Portugal, Spain and Italy. Mali and Moors also have to be BOTH alive...
  5. HighFunctioningAlcoholic

    A Philippines Guide: Candidate #1 for a New UHV

    Note: This is not part of the original DoC, but Merijn's additional civ mod. It's essentially the same thing, just with more civilizations. Download here: https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/merijn-new-civs-and-other-projects.627045/ Intro: To be honest, (and not to take away from how...
  6. Enyavar

    RFC DoC - v.1.15 - Phoenicians

    There is this old thread about a playthrough in 1.14, but I felt we need an entire new thread for an entirely new version. I can't figure out how this works now. I read the existing guides, there are two of them on earlier versions: Phoenicians (Carthage), DoC 1.15, Normal, Monarch We start...
  7. Akbarthegreat

    UHV discussion thread

    Rather than making a separate thread for each civ, it's better to have a single thread with suggestions/discussions/unintended workarounds related to UHV conditions. So I'll start with Holy Rome. Monarch/Normal/600AD. The conditions are: #1 is doable, but still challenging. I played less than...
  8. Akbarthegreat

    Babylon Tech Order?

    Playing Babylon UHV on monarch. The important dates I noted were: 1. Turn 50: Greek spawn; must have arithmetic (and writing) by then 2. Turn 54: Indian spawn; must have calendar by then 3. Turn 55-60 (In the three games I played): Chinese get construction. Should get construction before turn 55...
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