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  • hi, please join my India DOC story. I'm taking in applications for the king's council from players who will help me make the story :) . If interested drop by.
    They are very lenient, especcially concerning threads of certain persons I feel. But don't be mistaken they are definitely there and watching. As soon as they feel the thread only consists for spam or the spam spreads they'll interfere :)
    And if I gauge them right they'll come when they're mentioned ;)
    Not to clutter the thread further with pony talk :p
    But just because someone doesn't have a pony in his avatar doesn't mean that that person doesn't have knowledge about MLP :) But I agree that my comments could have been a bit more specific
    Great to hear. As I said in one of the forum threads, it's in the realm of possibility. I want to finish writing the Dawn of Man texts today and then open them for discussing/editing. Everything else I'd still like to do should go fast, unless unexpected problems arise in the meantime :)
    Babylonians are the best because you can reach Europe, Asia and Africa easily from your starting position, and the turn you capture a city you can start cranking out units! This means you can go around capturing cities, using them to build military and as long as you leave them empty you can recapture them the turn they go independent or when you collapse. In my American Dream game I was prepared to deal with multiple collapses but amazingly I didn't suffer one. I find that a combination of courthouses in every city and early forbidden palace, summer palace and strong economy will counterbalance even the wildest expansion... BTW sorry for the late reply
    Is an idea, but we first would have to set up separate pages for the civ titles, then we could think about it. Not sure if it would work at all, might get deleted because it's not that important for the world (AFAIK articles get relatively often deleted due to negligibility). Might think about it.
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