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war weariness

  1. SuedecivIII

    War Weariness Questions

    Hey, I'm making a guide on (among other things) war weariness. Wanted to clear up some details so that I don't put out any wrong info. Primary source is this classic thread: https://www.civfanatics.com/civ3/strategy/game-mechanics/how-does-war-weariness-work/ 1) Does your city getting flipped...
  2. Gueux

    Uprising Empire 1.0.0

    this mod adds many revolt types and citizen migration This mod doesn't need any DLC and is compatible with any DLC or mod old name of this mod was Loyalty++. THIS MOD IS A BETA AND IS NOT VERY STABLE At start of every game you will have to chose what players will be "killed", that mean they...
  3. Victoria

    Civ VI Amenities and Happiness Guide

  4. Gueux

    [R&F] Loyalty++

    Gueux submitted a new resource: Loyalty++ - adds several changes to loyalty: Read more about this resource...
  5. Victoria

    How War Weariness Works - WIP

    This post updated 28th April 18 with the latest findings on fighting multiple Wars There is a helpful war weariness log in the log directory (My documents/my games/civillization VI/logs) When does it happen? War weariness values get updated for a civ based on each combat they partake in against...
  6. Mustakrakish

    War weariness / cede city mechanic & oversight

    So I noticed something I consider an oversight in this mechanic. If you don't know about the mechanic, this is how it works: Unless at the peace table you force AI to "cede" the city or cities you took, they will be "less productive" and suffer huge war weariness penalties during war (any war...
  7. S

    War weariness not disappearing

    Hello, in my recent save as Trajan, my war weariness is not going away although I'm not in any war for last ~20 turns. -5 to -7 amenities in my main cities make impossible for me to win the game I would say. I would attach a save file, but dunno how since this is my first post on this forum...
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