1. KyubeyD3

    Can't upload my mod to the Steam Workshop

    I'm trying to upload my mod to the workshop through ModBuddy, but I always get the same error (attached image). What do?
  2. A

    [MOD] LOTR: Crashes

    Hey all, this is my first post so I apologize if I'm in the wrong thread. I found someone's post about their mods conflicting so I assumed to post in the same thread. I have some Lord of the Rings mods installed. I am gonna list them below along with the game parameters and my computer's specs...
  3. swizzles030

    How to install mods for the Civ 6 App Store version?

    Hello together, i have the App Store version of Civilization 6 for mac. I tryed to install some mods like someone on steam told it. The big problem was to find the mods folder, but after a long time i found it. So now everyone sayed that i have to download the mods and open it in the mods...
  4. M

    [BNW] Noob Uploading Maps I made to Steam Workshop Question

    Well to start off, I've been gaming for years, just not on Steam. I already tried to ask Steam Support but all I got was "Steam Support does not offer technical assistance with content creation in the Workshop." and I've searched the Steam Workshop articles and discussions over and over for a...
  5. Aethyr

    Steam workshop removed(updated) mod: how to continue a savegame?

    I have a savegame with an mod that has been removed from the workshop (the easier polder mod, that is not longer useful now that we have an official patch for polders). I hope this is the right section of the forum, I haven't find anything about steam The game autoupdated when I logged in, and...
  6. D

    Dags Industrial Zone Building mod 2017-08-31

    This mod removes the free production from just building industrial zone buildings. Instead Workshop - +1 production for each strategic resource worked by this city. +1 production for each outgoing trade route from this city Factory - +1 production for every specialty district built in this...
  7. KIller7cheez

    Can't get workshop mods to run in setup

    Hey guys, so I downloaded a star wars civ mod from the workshop, and i did all the right steps, went to mods>yes>enabled>single player>Setup game. and it still is not working correctly, for some reason i cannot find an answer to this anywheres, im bored with vanilla, please help! Thanks!
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