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  1. Valka D'Ur

    Camp NaNoWriMo (July 2021)

    I nearly decided not to bother this time. For anyone unaware of my lamentations in the weather thread in OT, this region of Canada has been experiencing a killer heat wave, aka a "heat dome." As in temperatures in the high 30s - mid 40s (Celsius). It's been very difficult to handle without AC -...
  2. Valka D'Ur

    NaNoWriMo (November 2020)

    Well, that time of year is upon us (or at least me; not sure if anyone else here is participating). Forget Halloween. At the stroke of 1 minute past midnight, November 1, I will be doing the first word of a 50,000-word marathon. This time around I actually have a plan. Sort of. I winged it...
  3. Valka D'Ur

    Iron Pen 8: Welcome back, we haven't seen you in ages!

    Well, nearly four years, actually. Yes, it's been that long since the last Iron Pen challenge, and so many things have happened in our lives. But one thing that remains constant is that there are people here at CFC who enjoy writing, reading, and providing feedback and encouragement to authors...
  4. Valka D'Ur

    NaNoWriMo (November 2019)

    Well, this is it. The big one. The one that means I and anyone else who takes this on will spend the next 30 days striving to reach the goal of 50,000 words. I'd been getting numerous emails from the site over the past few weeks, saying they were revamping the website, but not to worry because...
  5. Valka D'Ur

    Camp NaNoWriMo 2018

    I keep getting cheerful, encouraging emails advising that Camp starts in April... and I still can't move forward on the project that got stalled last year. I honestly don't know if I'm doing anything this year. I'd need a LOT of prep time in the next 3 weeks, and given RL domestic issues, I...
  6. Valka D'Ur

    NaNoWriMo (July 2017)

    I should have started this thread sooner. I missed the April event due to having to move unexpectedly, but I'm planning to do the July event. It's the one that's more flexible; you can set your own writing goals, as long as it meets the minimum of 10,000 words in 30 days. Does anyone else plan...
  7. Valka D'Ur

    Camp NaNoWriMo - April 2017

    The countdown is on! I just received this email from NaNoWriMo: Hmm. It looks like they're being much more flexible about setting goals. And I have absolutely no idea what a "Storysquatch" is. But I'm in. Who else is? Shall we have our own virtual cabin this time?
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