1. T

    [BNW] Adding global yields with Lua scripts?

    Hello, I am relatively new to Civ V modding and the Lua programming language, but I am familiar with XML and coding in other languages. For a mod I am making I am adding a Founder Belief that gives science per some number of followers of your religion, but only in your own cities not counting...
  2. amateurgamer88

    AG Local Devt Mod for AGYRM v0.2

    Adds local yields to Cities like: Health, Heresy, Corruption, Crime and Loyalty. More yields may be added.
  3. amateurgamer88

    AG's Yields Reduction Mod (AGYRM) for VP v0.13

    Aims to cut down the yield bloat in VP. All sources will be adjusted. Will serve as a modmod foundation for future modmods.
  4. A

    [GS] Help editing custom civilization traits and features

    Hello everyone, So I followed the guides on how to make a custom civ and its modifiers, but I'm really confused on that last part. I searched through the root files of the game, and found the IDs. Unfortunately, I couldn't get my traits to work, and I really find it hard to implement them. I...
  5. washy

    How to add new assets, step by step

    I was struggling for some hours to get everything rigth for adding new assets, so i made a recopilation of the steps i take 1/ Install Git: https://gitforwindows.org/ 2/ Install unity: https://unity3d.com/unity/whats-new/2020.3.25 3/ You need this only if you want to see and edit the game...
  6. P

    [GS] Hidden Nations?

    hello, are there mods which can do some of this 3 things? Hide nations? If you load a game, you see the enemy nations on the loading screen, even if you don´t discovered them ingame. Can you hide this information? Hidden Infos? Ingame, you can see a lot of info about the other nations, only by...
  7. A

    Cocoa Spawn

    I really like the Cocoa in Civ VI. It gives a nice amount of yields, makes my cities look nice and it's very common for it to be near my spawn. I know there are better luxery resource, but Cocoa is still nice. Now, I have always wondered the conditions for the cocoa to spawn, which is why I...
  8. Iconian

    Yields mod not working

    I've created a mod that changes the yields of the terrains in the game, including adding happiness to different tiles, and inflicting damage or healing to units depending on the terrain. Unfortunately, NONE of the changes I've made in the mod are taking effect. ModBuddy doesn't give me any...
  9. Mali has competition. ;)

    Mali has competition. ;)

    Just look at those Yields! Mansa Musa doesn't have a cent compared to Portugal now!
  10. J

    Unit kill yields - an offbeat request

    Firstly much love and appreciation to all those who work on this project! One of my absolute favourite things in older versions of VP was playing Authority Aztec (or any civ as Authority to a lesser extent) and seeing the kill yields appear over the unit's tile when you kill them. Now that the...

    Hide My Stats (Scales w/ Access Levels)

    This mod scales the information available in the HUD with your access level on a Civ. The mapping is as follow: Workshop Link>>https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2179092473&searchtext=No+HUD Limited Visibility Lvl 1: Gold Stats Only Open Visibility Lvl 2: Adds Culture and...
  12. adan_eslavo

    How modmods affect game's end point?

    I'm just curious, so I need to ask players using bunch of modmods with VP about one thing, but first: 1.Modmods adding building (Monopoly Buildings, More Buildings), new resources (Even More Resources), wonders (More Wonders) significantly increase yields gathered by the city, especially in end...
  13. QuasarNebula

    [GS] "Simple" modding question

    Hello there, I've started modding since a bit of time but never actually went deep into it. But just yesterday I started working on a Civilization, and I wanted to add to it quite a "simple" Unique Trait Most of its effects, I can manage them, but, I want it to basically do just like "Mother...
  14. Denver

    [GS] I think I've almost made Stock Exchange give gold per citizen - but I've gone wrong somewhere.

    I'm trying to make it so that every Stock Exchange will give 2 gold per citizen in the city, up to 255 citizens. (In the future +1 when unpowered, another +1 when powered or something similar). Here is what I have so far in an sql file: DECLARE @cnt INT = 1; WHILE @cnt < 256 BEGIN @seyield...
  15. Red Key

    Game Plot Yield Modifier Only Working When the Plot is Owned

    I am trying to make food harder to come by in tundra, so that food only exists in certain circumstances. My code below works sort of, but the game only seems to adjust the plot yields when they are within a player's borders. Unowned plots show the original unmodified yield and it is only when...
  16. Bangau

    [GS] Stacking yield bonuses - an OCC example

    Recently we talked on here about getting (very) high yields having only one city by using all sorts of yield bonuses that stack and multiply. I successfully finished an OCC (deity) culture victory yesterday with Catherine of France and thought it would be a good example to show how strong this...
  17. Bangau

    CFC: Best CHICHEN ITZA city

    Civ Fanatics Competition: Best CHICHEN ITZA city Welcome to the Civ Fanatics Competition (CFC) where we will find out who can build the BEST CHICHEN ITZA CITY ever in Civ VI! The ‘best’ is off course open for debate, but for this competition it is defined as: “Highest total sum of yields on...
  18. Bangau

    CFC: Best MAUSOLEUM city

    Civ Fanatics Competition: Best MAUSOLEUM AT HALICARNASSUS city Welcome to the Civ Fanatics Competition (CFC) where we will find out who can build the BEST MAUSOLEUM CITY ever in Civ VI! The ‘best’ is off course open for debate, but for this competition it is defined as: “Highest total sum of...
  19. Bangau

    CFC: Best PETRA city

    Civ Fanatics Competition: Best PETRA city Welcome to the Civ Fanatics Competition (CFC) where we will find out who can build the BEST PETRA CITY ever in Civ VI! The ‘best’ is off course open for debate, but for this competition it is defined as: “Highest total sum of yields on desert tiles...
  20. W

    Randomized Terrain Yields 2019-09-12

      You know the Grass tile always only provides +2 food, Desert Hill only provides +1 production, and a lot of Terrains doesn't even provide yield. It's always the same, pretty boring after years of playing, right?   And now that boredom is no more. This mod complete randomizes the yields of...
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