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  1. nzcamel

    Anti-Cav and ZOC

    People complain that anti-cavalry units in Civ 6 aren't much good. I wonder if allowing their Zone Of Control apply to cavalry, would change that enough to be worth doing?
  2. Victoria

    Civ VI - Zone of Control (ZOC)

    Zone of Control A zone of control is only in place for civilisations at war with each other (enemies) A zone of control affects the six tiles immediately adjacent to a unit and also the tile the unit is in. Some units and buildings exert a ZOC one tile around them. This ZOC is only in place...
  3. W

    Understanding Zone of Control vs. Civ5

    Hi, I just noticed a slighlt difference between Civ6 and Civ5 in how Zone of Control (ZoC) works. Have a look at this screenshot: I'm pretty sure in Civ5 it was not possible for the warrior to attack the archer, in Civ6 now it is. This makes it more difficult to protect distance units from...
  4. C

    [G&K] Understanding the Zone Of Control (vanilla)

    chrin67 submitted a new resource: Understanding the Zone Of Control - Understanding the Zone Of Control Read more about this resource...
  5. C

    Understanding the Zone Of Control (vanilla)

    Understanding the Zone Of Control limiting the enemy movements Introduction The zone of control (ZOC) is an important aspect of unit movement during combat. The ZOC rule limits the movement of units that are adjacent to enemy units and can be used to protect ranged units, for instance. But...
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