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Civ VI - Zone of Control (ZOC)

Zone of Control
  • A zone of control is only in place for civilisations at war with each other (enemies)
  • A zone of control affects the six tiles immediately adjacent to a unit and also the tile the unit is in.
  • Some units and buildings exert a ZOC one tile around them. This ZOC is only in place with civilisations they are at war with. These units are
    • · Melee class units
    • · Anti-cavalry
    • · Non-ranged Light Cavalry
    • · Non-ranged Heavy Cavalry
    • · Ranged units with a ZOC promotion
    • · Immortals Unique Unit
    • · All Naval military units
    • · Cities and encampments (affects water tiles also)
  • All religious units exert a ZOC against any enemy religious units.
  • A unit entering an enemy zone of control cannot move an additional tile that turn until after they attack an adjacent enemy unit or city. The unit may also perform other actions like promotion and looting while they have the movement points to do so but some other actions like settling a new city or improving land with a builder cannot be performed.
  • There is no movement point cost to attack a unit beyond the cost of moving into the enemy tile but normally an attack ends the movement phase. Units that have a promotion that allows them to move after combat (promotions of heavy cavalry, naval raider, recon and melee troop types) can move additional tiles after combat if they have sufficient movement points to do so. This ability is stronger than it may seem here, especially for ranged units.
  • A unit that has not yet moved this turn or has attacked an adjacent enemy unit can leave an enemy zone of control without penalty unless that unit is moving into another enemy zone of control in which case it faces the normal penalties and restriction for moving into a zone of control.
  • Some units ignore zones of control. These are
    • All heavy and light cavalry
    • Naval Raider class units
    • All air units (balloons and helicopters are not deemed an air units)
    • Units being escorted by units that ignore ZOC.
  • Note: All non-military units are affected by ZOC including great generals.
  • Land units do not exert a zone of control on water tiles whether embarked or disembarked. An exception is the central ZOC is in place for embarked units, allowing them to siege a water city.

An embarked land unit exerts a ZOC on its own tile at sea.
  • Naval Units do not exert a zone of control on land tiles
  • Rivers prevent a zone of control extending to the other side of a river tile border.
  • A zone of control does extend into an enemy city.
  • Cities are deemed under siege when all their surrounding tiles are in an enemy zone of control regardless of the presence of any friendly unit in the tile.
  • The zone of control ceases to exist the moment the unit or building is no longer enemy controlled or a peace treaty is agreed.
  • A support unit attached to a unit that ignores ZOC, also ignores the ZOC.

Here a battering RAM attached to a light cavalry unit with the right promotion also ignores the ZOC
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