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    How to Remove Zone of Control from a Unit

    Hey fellow modders: Does anybody know if there is a way to remove "zone of control" from a particular unit, so that it no longer exerts zone of control on other units? I've looked everywhere for the answer, but I'm not sure which file to edit or what value to change for this purpose. Any help...
  2. Victoria

    Civ VI - Zone of Control (ZOC)

    Zone of Control A zone of control is only in place for civilisations at war with each other (enemies) A zone of control affects the six tiles immediately adjacent to a unit and also the tile the unit is in. Some units and buildings exert a ZOC one tile around them. This ZOC is only in place...
  3. C

    [G&K] Understanding the Zone Of Control (vanilla)

    chrin67 submitted a new resource: Understanding the Zone Of Control - Understanding the Zone Of Control Read more about this resource...
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