1.16-Mayan UHV Strategy Guide

Here is a short summary whats needed for a Paragon win (game version 1.16.3):
  • Research order: Sailing -> Divination (Deification) -> Calendar (goal 1 does not leave room for much else on Paragon) -> Seafaring (Galley in Danibaan for goal 3) -> Leverage -> Arithmetics (Redistribution will help your capital grow to counter Overextension) -> Writing (Library) -> Construction (Wall in Uxmal) -> Mathematics -> Priesthood -> Aesthetics (Temple of Kukulkan in Uxmal for goal 2) -> Alloys (to chops forest and build mines near Uxmal for faster wonder production).
  • Settle Calakmul as first city 1N of start point (you will reach the crabs when culture expands that way).
  • Build order in Calakmul: Work Boat (when available) -> Granary -> Teotl Step Pyramid (growth of this city is very important early on or you will overexpand and collapse). If needed build more Holkan for capturing Danibaan. Avoiding building workers or settlers here as it limits growth.
  • Let your worker work on the Corn (Farm) and Silver (Mine). Cottage the rest for a much needed science boost.
  • Capture the hut as soon as possbile. If you are lucky you will get a scout. Send the scout (or a build one) and send it north for the 2 huts in NA. Later send it back south for another 3 huts in SA.
  • Depending on game speed you may have to put your scout in your Galley some where between the huts. Get final hut on Cuba on your way to Greenland. Park the scout on the NE tip of GreenLand (you must pass Canada with your Galley before 500 AD. You will meet Vikings soon after their spawn in 545 AD (completing goal 1).
  • Later Danibaan will spawn on the spot of the hut. You must capture this city with your Hulkans as soon as possible. Once you do be sure to Spare the city (costs 0-1 gold) and it will be of size 3 once stabilized.
  • Don't let Danibaan starve. Borrow the Corn from Calakmul until you can manage to expand your culture in Danibaan. Thus make Teotl Step Pyramid your first build in Danibaan, hurry it as soon as you can (Whip), once built adopt Monarchy. A fast culture expansion in Danibaan will stop a Barbarian city 2N 1E of Danibaan from spawning (otherwise the troops there will be hard to handle).
  • Build a second worker in Danibaan. Build a Galley (when available).
  • Also Cottage all squares but the Corn (Farm) near Danibaan.
  • After maybe a few troops/workers, build a Settler in Danibaan and send it north to settle Uxmal 1N of the spice. This will be your stronghold in the fight against the natives, who will start coming from the north around 600AD.
  • Build order in Uxmal: Teotl Step Pyramid -> Walls (when available) -> Temple of Kukulkan (when available)
  • Uxmal needs Farms on the two Corns and a Mine on the Silver. After that you can put farms north of it (but they will be pillaged by the natives). Finally build mines on the hills for faster wonder production.
  • After entering the Classical era by discovering Mathematics your stability will allow you to settle a forth city. I picked the spot called Mayapan in western Mexico (1E of the Crabs). Here you will not have to face the natives.

This strategy is in no way the best way. I see plenty of room for improvements. But it is one way of doing it.
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Wow, on Paragon! Kudos, you are a paragon indeed.

As I understand it, stationing a Mayan scout in Greenland is still a non-historical cheat not intended by the scenario designer, but doing it the proper way with a Mayan Caravel greeting Ponto Delgado is impossible on that level: I just managed that on the easiest level.
Who knows what a scenario designer intended. Opening up the Worldbuilder is where I draw the line for cheating.
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