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(2-VT) Better overview of resource prices

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Aug 12, 2021
Problem: when you want to sell (or buy) a resource to the highest bidding AI, you have to go through the chore of contacting each leader, put the resource into the trade box and ask how much he would pay for it. A lot of boring click-work.

Proposed solution 1: implement a menu, where you can see all available resource prices for all AIs in one table, without needing tooltips. I vaguely remember civ 4 having such a menu.

Proposed solution 2: instead, add a tooltip to the main screen. When you hover over the resource icons near the leader icons on the right, the tooltip will display all buy and sell prices for this leader.
This would have the benefit that you can check other offers while you get an offer from an AI during its turn.
I can sponsor the tooltip version. A dedicated screen would be better indeed, but it's much more work afaik.
It might not be as easy as you think. I tried to do something similar a few years ago but there is (or was) some sort of caching of valuations that prevented it. IIRC, items that the current (or last) civ you talked to didn't want were zero value for everyone. Of course, that might all have changed now. At the time, I wasn't confident about making more than small changes to the DLL and was also concerned about a performance hit if I kept revaluing for all civs.

Just a heads up, that it might involve more than just a UI change.
Yeah I may need some dll support. @Recursive do we have a lua call like GetPlayerBuyPriceForResource, if not, would it be hard to implement?
No, you'd have to make a pseudo-deal, and to my understanding it would be hard to implement.
Proposal vetoed.

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