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(3UC) 3rd Unique Component Project

Discussion in 'Civ5 - Creation & Customization' started by mikeburnfire, Feb 14, 2015.

  1. mikeburnfire

    mikeburnfire Warlord

    Oct 4, 2014
    The 3rd Unique Component and 4th Unique Component are mods that give every civilization two additional unique components (unit, building, improvement) in addition to the two existing components.

    You can find a thorough analysis of this mod HERE.

    Q. What Civs play completely differently using these components?
    A. I have tried to maintain the same playstyle for each civilization, but there are a few changes: India and Byzantium are now stronger contenders for the religion race. China now has a Hills start bias, Egypt has a Desert start bias, and the Shoshone now have a Plains start bias to better support their new Components. France is better geared for expanding their territory, similar to how they were pre-BNW. Most other changes are in line with how a civilization normally plays.

    Q. I like this mod, but I also like using modded Civs made by TPangolin, JFD, and all the other talented community modders.
    A. Most modCivs should be compatible with this mod. To compensate for the fact that default Civs now have extra components, all modCivs are given a free building in their capital: Palace Enhancements. This building comes with the Palace, and grants an additional +1 Gold, +1 Food, +5% Science, and +5% Production.

    Q. Is this mod compatible with other mods?
    A. This mod is currently compatible with almost every other mod, including Ethnic Units, R.E.D. (and yes, the new units should resize as well), More Luxuries, City-State Diplomacy, Lancer-to-Cavalry, Pikemen-to-Musketmen, Unique Cultural Influence, JFD's and Pouakai's Mercenaries, Events and Decisions, Great Admiral Aquaculture, various ModCivs, Reforestation, and various "fixes".
    - This mod is mostly compatible with "Enlightenment Era", but I recommend deleting the following folders from this mod: 3UC/France [Salon], 4UC/Portugal [Galleon], and 4UC/England [Textile Mill])
    - This mod is mostly NOT compatible with the Community Balance Patch. There are many duplicate and overlapping components.

    Here is a list of the new components. All new abilities/stats are in addition to the regular abilities/stats of the building/unit being replaced, unless otherwise mentioned.

    [3] Goumier (Musketman); Cheaper (120 instead of 150). Free Drill I and Drill II promotions.
    [4] Zellige Mosque (Temple); Less maintenance (1 instead of 2). +15% Culture in the city.
    Ahmad's new Temple assists him with culture victories (especially in tall cities), and the new Musketman comes with rough terrain promotions. Since most units will already have open-terrain promotions, upgrading them allows them to be very versitile.

    [3] Agora (Market): +2 Gold (instead of 1). Trade routes generate 2 Gold for both owner and recipient (instead of 1).
    [4] Peltast Odeon (Amphitheater): +2 Science, no maintenance cost.
    Alexander's ttwo new buildings earn just a bit more money to engage his Diplomatic victories, and give him an early technological boost.

    [3] Royal Guard (Spearman); 15% Combat bonus when attacking (not lost after upgrade).
    [4] Walls of Sargon (Walls); +1 Production
    Ashurbanipal is agressive, as are his new Spearmen, which have an offensive attack bonus. His new Walls give a small but early boost to production, giving him another reason to build them early.

    [3] Sofa (Crossbowman); Weaker (16 instead of 18). Free Medic promotion. May move after attacking (not lost upon upgrade).
    [4] Treasury (Market); Does not yield Gold (instead of 1 Gold). +2 Gold in the Capital for every Treasury.
    The new Crossbowmen and Mandekalu Cavalry work well together, with the Sofa focusing more on hit-and-run tactics while also healing the rider doing the groundwork. The unique Market also gives Askia a further incentive to expand his empire, as every additional Market now increases the amount of Gold in the Capital.

    [3] Yurt (Circus); No resource requirement. 25% faster border growth.
    [4] Centaur (Knight); Ranged unit. (17/16 instead of 20/20). No penalty attacking cities. Nearby enemy units suffer a combat penalty (lost upon upgrade).
    Attila's Horse Archers now upgrade to Centaurs, which allows his units to stay relevant longer. His new Circus complements his RAZE-EVERYTHING mentality, as his borders will quickly grow to claim the destroyed city's territory.

    [4] Thermae (Garden); +1 Science, +1 Culture, +1 Food.
    [3] Forum (Market); +10% Great Person Caesar's two new building will be built quicker thanks to his UA, and they are both very useful. Coupling his new Garden with his new Market will lead to faster Great People.

    [3] Teutonic Knight (Knight); May convert defeated enemy units (lost after upgrade).
    [4] Jaegar (Rifleman); Free Scouting I and Survivalism I promotions. Can choose recon promotions.
    Germany is a civ with 3 Unique Units. Bismark's new Knight further increases the size of Bismark's army. Afterwards, you can upgrade your rag-tag band of Barbarians, Samurai, and Impis into an elite armada of Jaegar riflemen!

    [4] Carpentom (Horseman); Weaker (10 instead of 12). Free Medic and Medic II promotions. Available at The Wheel (instead of Horseback Riding).
    [3] Round House (Workshop); +1 Culture from Forest tiles.
    Boudicca's Pictish Warriors usually do all the combat, and now they can be supported by the Carpentom, which behaves like a field medic. The new Workshop lets her make the most from her Forest start, and also assists her towards her preferred alternate victory condition.

    [3] Barbican (Castle); +2 Food. (-2 Food, +2 Culture, and +2 Tourism) after researching Flight.
    [4] PZL23 (Fighter); Wider range (10 instead of 8). 20% Combat strength against land units (lost upon upgrade).
    Casimir doesn't need any help being competitive, but his new unique unit supports his warmongering ways. Gaining new cities is rewarded with a Food-generating Castle, which upgrades to yield Tourism instead.

    [3] Streltsy (Musketman); 25% Combat strength in homeland territory (not lost upon upgrade)
    [4] Research Institute (Research Lab); +8 Science (instead of 4).
    The new Research Lab helps Catherine get her scientific victory, protected by her new defensively-oriented Musketmen.

    [3] Clibanarii (Horseman); Stronger (16 instead of 12). Less movement (3 instead of 4). Free Shock 1 promotion.
    [4] Dar-be mehr (Temple); +2 Culture in the Capital
    Darius' Temples will make Persepolis a cultural powerhouse, so be sure to build cultural % modifiers there! His Immortals will now be flanked by his new Horsemen, which are far more powerful.

    [3] Cothon (Harbor); Free in all coastal cities (because of Carthaginian UA). +5 City Strength. 15xp for Naval Units built in this city. +2 Gold from trade routes (instead of 1).
    [4] Numidian (Chariot Archer); Free Shock 1 promotion. Can move immediately after purchase. Requires Horseback Riding instead of The Wheel.
    Dido's third Unique Unit is the historically relevant Numidian, which is great for quick hit-and-run tacts. Her new Harbors are free (thanks to her UA), and improve her Naval supremacy.

    [3] Playhouse (Zoo); +2 Culture. Lower maintainance cost (1 instead of 2). +1 Gold for every 10 citizens.
    [4] Textile Mill (Factory) Does not require Coal. +2 Gold from Silk, Cotton, and Dyes.
    The Gold from the new Zoo and Factories will help Elizabeth achieve her desired Diplomatic victory, or prop up her military.

    [3] Canals (Garden); +4 City Combat strength. +50 City HP. Requires Constuction (instead of Theology). Requires Coast (instead of Fresh Water)
    [4] Doge's Palace (Palace) +3 Culture (instead of 1). Greater city combat strength (8 instead of 3).
    Enrico's new buildings help offset the early lack of defense, as both increase the capital's ability to defend itself. The extra culture in the capital means that Venice will expand faster at the start of the game. Since most City-States are built on the Coast, they are all likely to build the new Garden to increase their defenses.

    [3] Wayang (Amphitheater); +3 Culture (instead of 1) +1 Great Musician Point. No maintenance (instead of 1).
    [4] Kapal Jung (Trireme); Less movement (3 instead of 4). Free Extra Sight I promotion. May cross ocean tiles.
    Gajah Mada's new Trireme can cross ocean tiles and see farther, which is very useful for finding new continents to settle for his unique resources. The Wayang supports his efforts towards a cultural victory.

    [3] Mandir (Temple); +3 Faith (instead of 2). +1 Science per 5 citizens.
    [3] Sepoy (Musketman); Free Siege promotion.
    India is a civilization that loves religion but didn't get a religious boost. His new Temple helps, and also rewards you for growing tall cities. The new Musketman is weaker, but cheaper and gets a free Siege promotion. Don't anger Ghandi because Sepoys are very effective at rushing a city!

    [3] Ger (Circus); No resource requirement. +10 XP for land units.
    [4] Yam (Stable); No maintenance cost (instead of 1). +2 Gold. +1 Horse resource. +25 tiles for Land Trade routes.
    Since Genghis Khan is likely to be conquering city-states and being denounced by others, his caravans won't be getting much use. Therefore, the new Stable should be built in every city to improve his gold yield, and to ensure a steady supply of horses for his army. The Circus replacement also improves his military.

    [3] Stave Church (Temple); No maintenance cost (instead of 2). Trade routes generate 1 Gold for both owner and recipient.
    [4] Hogskola (University); +2 science from Tundra tiles.
    Poor Gustavus has a lame start bias with nothing to support it... until now. Pulling science from the arctic tundra should make his mid-game a little less depressing, and the money he saves on Temple maintenance could buy him a few more friends.

    [3] Monolithic Church (Temple); 25% increase in religious pressure emanating from this city. +1 Faith from Stone resources.
    [4] Oromo (Musketman); Free Shock I and Shock II promotions. 1.5x XP from combat (lost upon upgrade).
    The Oromo is an improved precursor to the Mehal Sefari, getting combat bonuses on both flat terrain. The real draw, however, is the new Temple that improves religious pressure from each city.

    [3] Viking Longhouse (Barracks); +2 Culture. No maintenance (instead of 1).
    [4] Longboat (Trireme); Stronger (14 instead of 10). +1 Movement
    Denmark's third Unique Unit is great for finding new civilizations and conquering them, and the new Barracks is a solid early-game boost.

    [4] Ghazi (Swordsman); Extra defensive terrain bonus (+15% defense in hills, forest, jungle). Not lost after upgrade. Prevents religious spread when garrisoned (like an Inquisitor) - lost after upgrade.
    [3] Madrasah (University); +4 Faith
    Harun al-Rashid has a high emphasis on religion, but has nothing to help him develop it. The faith-buffed University helps him out in this regard, as does the Ghazi, which is great at preventing religious conversions!

    [3] Rusher (Musketman); Weaker (22 instead of 24). More movement (3 instead of 2) (lost upon upgrade). Free Siege promotion.
    [4] Forest (UI); May plant Forests on Grass/Plains/Tundra.
    Hiawatha is useless without his trees, so the ability to plant Forest tiles is invaluable. Settle on that barren Tundra that nobody wanted and terraform it! Or just use your new Musketmen to take their cities instead.

    [3] Bull Ring (Zoo); No maintenance (instead of 2). +2 Culture from Cows. Creates a Cow resource nearby. Available earlier (at Chivalry instead of Printing Press)
    [4] Mission (Garden); No Fresh Water required. Religious pressure increased by 25%.
    Isabella can finally start pushing her beliefs on others with her new unique Garden that is designed to spread religion as far as possible. Meanwhile, the Bull Ring is mainly useful for increasing happiness without increasing maintenance cost, although the additional culture provides a defense against others' tourism.

    [3] Fish Pond (Watermill); Requires Animal Husbandry (instead of The Wheel). No maintenance. No production (instead of 1). +3 Food (instead of 2). +1 Food from Fish tiles. Creats a Fish resource nearby. Requires Coast.
    [4] Koa (Swordsman); Does not require Iron. Free Amphibious promotion
    Kamehama's new Watermill is great for growing his coastal cities, and the Koa is great for land warfare, especially if upgraded from a Maori Warrior.

    [3] Casa da Índia (East India Company); +1 Gold from your trade routes from this city.
    [4] Caçador Galleon (Frigate); +20% Combat bonus when attacking into or defending coastal territory.
    Lisbon (or whatever city that Maria builds the new East India Company) is going to be a huge trading hub, and the Galleon works well with the Nau to establish oceanic dominance.

    [3] Landwehr (Rifleman); 10% Combat bonus on hills and 25% Combat bonus when defending (not lost after upgrade).
    [4] Orchestra (Opera House); +4 Culture (instead of 1).
    Maria loves to develop her culture, and the new Opera House does just that. Since she also prefers to have a defensive army, the new Rifleman will fit right in.

    [3] Eagle (Spearman); +1 Sight and nearby units gain 15% Combat strength (lost upon upgrade).
    [4] Sacrificial Altar (Temple); +1 Happiness
    Monty has a fairly high emphasis on religion, so the Temples that he will inevitably build now also increase the city's happiness, allowing him to conquer faster. His new Spearman functions as a temporary Great General, improving the combat ability of nearby troops. If an Aztec Jaguar gets an upgrade from ruins, it will become an Eagle and maintain all the Jaguar-specific bonuses while also getting the sight and combat bonuses. Be afraid.

    [3] Salon (Zoo); +2 Culture and +2 Science.
    [4] Foreign Legion (GW Infantry); 20% Combat bonus in enemy territory (not lost after upgrade).
    Napoleon gets his Foreign Legion back to further incentivise him towards war, and the new culture/science-boosting happiness building rewards him for succeeding. (The Volunteer Army Freedom tenant now gives generic GW Infantry)

    [3] Ziggurat (Temple); +1 Production. 5% faster build speed for buildings
    [4] Charioteer (Horseman); Free Sight I promotion. Can move after attacking. Attack bonus against other mounted units. Ends turn if it enters rough terrain. Available after The Wheel instead of Horseback Riding.
    Babylon was always a powerhouse. The new Temple gives a small Production boost, and the Charioteer is very maneuverable on flat terrain and can scout for nearby threats.

    [3] Dojo (Barracks); +2 Culture, 30xp for Land units (instead of 15xp).
    [4] Sohei (Pikeman); 15% combat bonus when adjacent to another unit (not lost upon upgrade).
    Japan continues to excell at culture and land warfare. Sohei and Samurai come at the same time and both get the 30xp from the Dojo.

    [3] Ballcourt (Colosseum); Built faster (80 instead of 100). +1 Faith.
    [4] Obsidian Warrior (Spearman); Upgrades to Longswordsman. Stronger (13 instead of 11). Maintains the 50% anti-mounted combat bonus upon upgrade.
    The Mayans were also top-tier. The new Colosseum is a little better and the Spearman and the Swordsman are combined into one, versatile unit.

    [3] Chasqui (Scout); More movement (3 instead of 2) (lost upon upgrade).
    [4] Qurikancha (Temple); +1 Gold. No maintenance cost (instead of 2).
    Pachacuti loves to build his treasury, and will be aided by his new Temple, should he decide to build it. The Scout is the real deal, though, as it moves very quickly.

    [3] Sambadrome (Stadium); +4 Tourism
    [4] Banderante (Musketman); Always heals as if in friendly territory and not slowed by Jungle (not lost after upgrade).
    Pedro's new unit is great for late-game warfare, and keeps its bonuses when it is upgraded to the Pracinha. Meanwhile, the new Stadium helps him get his preferred victory condition.

    [3] Buffalo Pound (Water Mill); No River requirement. 1 maintenance cost (instead of 2). +1 Food from Buffalo. Creates a Buffalo resource near the city.
    [4] Tipi (UI); Requires Trapping. May be built on non-adjacent flat Plains. +1 Production and +1 Culture. Additional +1 Culture from Archaeology. Does not remove Forests.
    The Shoshone territory will be dotted with Tipis and Buffalo. The Tipis in particular are great for cultural victories.

    [3] Khopesh Swordsman (Swordsman); Free Shock 1 promotion. 50% Combat bonus on Desert tiles (not lost after promotion). Does not require Iron.
    [4] Nilometer (Watermill); No Production (instead of 1). No maintenance (instead of 2). +15% Food growth in city. Flood plains yield +1 Gold.
    The new Egyptian building will grow Ramses' cities larger, and his new swordsman is great too. It doesn't even require Iron!

    [3] Sala (Garden); Does not require a River. Requires Construction (instead of Theology). No maintenance (instead of 1)
    [4] Ballista Elephant (Crossbowman); 3 movement (instead of 2). 16 melee combat strength (instead of 13). No defensive terrain bonus. +50% against other mounted units (lost on upgrade).
    Ramkhamhaeng's new ranged Ballista Elephant complement his melee Naeurusan Elephants, and the new Garden is the real eye-catcher, as it comes one era earlier and can be built in all cities. Expect more Siamese Great People.

    [3] Seowon (University); +2 Faith
    [4] Changdeokgung (Palace); +4 Happiness
    Korea was always top-tier and didn't need much to be competitive. The new Palace gives a small Happiness boost, allowing him to grow a little quicker in the early game. The Universities he will rush towards now also give him a little faith.

    [3] Izinduna (Great General); Less movement (3 instead of 4). Nearby enemy units suffer a -15% combat penalty.
    [4] Isicathulu (Circus); +1 production from all minable resources (Iron, Coal, Gold, Salt, etc).
    Already one of the most fearsome domination civilizations in the game, the Zulus now get extra production from mines and a more intimidating Great General.

    [3] Hamam (Garden); Higher maintenance (2 instead of 1). +2 Faith. +1 Happiness.
    [4] Great Bombard (Cannon); 300% bonus against cities (instead of 200) (lost upon upgrade).
    Being the conqueror that he is, Suleiman will surely enjoy his new cannon, as well as the happiness from his new Gardens.

    [3] Hippodrome (Circus); +2 Culture, +1 Faith. Requires the Wheel (instead of Trapping).
    [4] Basilica (Temple); +4 Faith (instead of 2)
    The Hippodrome is great for getting early faith, which Theodora will appreciate. The new Temple yields more faith, increasing her chances of grabbing a much-needed religion.

    [3] Steel Mill (Factory); +2 Production from Iron and Coal tiles. 15% faster build speed for naval and armored units
    [4] Ranch (Stable); +1 Production from Bison and Deer (and Sheep, Horse, Cow) tiles. 25% faster border growth. No resource requirement.
    The Ranch will assist with expanding Washington's territory in the early game (he does love to expand his territory). The Steel Mill also boosts production, and lets him build his military quicker so he can spend more time building whatever he wants.

    [3] Waag (Bank); Trade routes generate 2 Gold for both owner and recipient (instead of 1). Slows spy theft rate by 25%
    [4] East Indiaman (Frigate); Random strength promotion after first combat (not lost upon upgrade).
    The new Bank might not be the most interesting of buildings, but helps William gets his desired Diplomatic victory while maintaining a technological lead over lesser civilizations. The new Frigate seems deceptively weak, but could possibly have a 25% combat boost. Attack them at your own risk.

    [3] War Junk (Caravel); +1 Movement and 15% Combat bonus when defending (not lost after upgrade).
    [4] Rice Terrace (UI); Can be built on any Hill. Yields 1 Food or 3 food if near Fresh Water. +1 Food after Civil Service or Fertilizer.
    Wu Zetian's new Rice Terraces are great at yielding food if you get a few lucky locations, allowing her population to grow quickly, aiding her towards a science victory. Her new Caravel helps to offset her weaknesses on islands and other water-heavy maps.


    In addition, the 3UC project has been expanded to include a few other ModCivs. To use the following civilizations, you must download the civilization mod and the accompanying 3UC mod.

    Australia + 3UC (Settlers found Puppeted cities that generate +1 Tourism. +1 Tourism for each outgoing Naval Trade Route. Cities that generate +2 Tourism or more expand Cultural Borders twice as fast)
    [] Prime Minister (Great Writer); When acquired, all non-puppeted coastal cities receive +1 Tourism per owned land tile outside workable limits.
    [] Digger Infantry (Great War Infantry); Combat bonuses in coastal territory and foreign territory, as well as the Cover I promotion. This unit may be upgraded from Workers and upgrades to Mechanized Infantry, and does not obsolete at Plastics.
    [3UC] Public House (Hotel); +1 Happiness, +2 Culture from Wheat tiles
    [3UC] Rock Paintings (Stone Works); No resource requirements. +2 Culture from Stone tiles (instead of +1 Production). No maintenance.

    Confederate States of America + 3UC (Infantry units receive a random, unique promotion upon entering combat for the first time. For 3 turns after the outbreak of war, all infantry units may force enemies to retreat)
    [] Sharpshooter (Rifleman); Weaker (30 instead of 34). Bombards enemies with a weak ranged attack before entering melee combat. Receives a 20% Defense bonus when stationed on an Antebellum Manor.
    [] Antebellum Manor (UI); Requires Chivalry, and may only be built on flat land. +1 Gold and +1 Culture if built on a source of Cotton, Sugar, or Tobacco (if the More Luxuries mod is active). +1 Production and +1 Culture if built next to a city. While at war, all Antebellum Manors yield an additional +1 Production and Culture.
    [3UC] Rifled Cannon (Cannon); Weaker (18 instead of 20) and requires Rifling (instead of Chemistry). +33% Combat strength against land units and +15% Combat strength against naval units.
    [3UC] Pistol-armed Cavalry (Cavalry); Stronger (38 instead of 34).

    Canada + 3UC (Mounted Units temporarily claim neutral land and provide Great Merchant Points when garrisoned in a Fort or Citadel. Upon declaring friendship, Canada and their friend gain +1 Delegate to the World Congress)
    [] Great Voyageur (Great Merchant); Can create Fur resources in City-State territory, which provides you with a large amount of Influence. Cannot construct Customs Houses, but may conduct Trade Missions with City-States. Moves faster along rivers.
    [] Hudson's Bay Company (Bank); +1 Gold from Forts. Units trained in this City gain the Colonial Capitalism promotion,
    which allows units to Produce +1 Gold when on a Fort or Citadel and gain +15% Combat when starting a turn on a Trading Post.
    [3UC] Royal Mountie (Cavalry); Combat bonus in friendly territory (not lost upon upgrade)
    [3UC] Ice Hockey Rink (Stadium); +3 Culture, +2 Tourism. Does not require Zoo.

    All other ModCivs are granted the Palace Enhancements component. This building comes with the Palace, and grants an additional +1 Gold, +1 Food, +5% Science, and +5% Production.



    HELP! The Babylonian/Celtic Unique Chariot looks like a Spearman!
    A. You are missing the 7 Wonders DLC. Gameplay will not be affected, but yes, the Chariots will look like Spearmen.

    HELP! I don't see these new components on the Civ select screen.
    A. Don't worry! They still have them, but will not be shown on the Civ select screen without the Enhanced User Interface.

    HELP! I'm using another mod that gives [unique component] to [New Civilization], but this mod gives the [same unique component] to a vanilla civilization!
    A. This should be fine. For example, there is a Khopesh Swordsman in the 3rd Unique Component mod and another one in JFD's Kingdom of Egypt. They will function differently, but will not cause any problems.

    HELP! I'm using another mod that gives [unique component] to [vanilla Civilization], but this mod is trying to do the same!
    A. This is fine, but you will have to delete the new component. For example, downloading JFD's Kingdom of Denmark-Norway gives vanilla Denmark a Longboat. You will have to delete the /3UC/Denmark/ folder, which also gives vanilla Denmark a Longboat.
  2. mikeburnfire

    mikeburnfire Warlord

    Oct 4, 2014
    Q. What happened to the Dutch Tulips? The Zulu Kraal? The Polish Uhlan? Etc.
    A. Some earlier components have been replaced in an effort to better balance the civilizations, and to have each component be somewhat relevant to their civilization's win condition. Components that were too bland, too complex, or too game-changing are removed.

    Direct downloads:

    3rd Unique Component

    4th Unique Component

    3rd/4th Unique Component: CL Canada

    3rd/4th Unique Component: CL Australia

    3rd/4th Unique Component: Kramer's Confederate States

    3rd Unique Component: CL Inuit

    Extra Components

    Special thanks to the following people!

    - mrc2022 - for starting the project and providing a partially complete WIP mod
    - Whoward69 - for the Dojo and Bull Ring buildings, and various code snippets
    - Janboruta - for permitting the use of a ton of icons, including the Landwehr, Streltsy, Sepoy, Viking Ship, Jaegar, PZL, Koa icons (and so much more!).
    - Danrell - for permitting the use of a ton of models, including the Eagle, Clibanarii, Siamese rifleman, Sohei, Ghazi, Peltast, Numidian, Centaur, Indonesian ship, Mayan Swordsman, and... pretty much all of them.
    - wodhann - for the Cothon, Sambadrome, Waag, Agora, Yurt, and Ger icons and Redcoat creation
    - Tomathek - for the Sofa unit
    - Wolfdog - for the War Junk Ship unit
    - Kwadjh - for the Basilica and Hippodrome icons
    - Barathor - for the Dojo, Bull Ring, Mandir and Viking Longhouse icons
    - Alan H - for the Agora icon
    - Leugi - for the Chasqui icon and Kraal model
    - sukritact - for the Monolith Church and English Playhouse icons
    - bernie14 - for the Landwehr, Khopesh Swordsman, Redcoat unit models
    - JTitan - for the Chasqui, Sofa, Bandeirante, Oromo unit models
    - Patum333 - for the Iroquois Rusher unit model
    - ZeUplneXero - for improving the Royal Guard icon
    - JFD - for permitting use of the Jaegar, PZL components from his Civilization Split mods.
    - Pouakai - for permitting use of the Koa component from the Polynesia split.
    - Framed Architect - for permitting use of the Iroquois Forest component from the Reforestation mod.
    - Gazebo - for permitting the use of the Ottoman Bombard and Swedish Skola from the Community Patch Project.
    - Meirai - for permitting the use of the Buffalo Pound code from the Blackfoot civilization.
    - mikeburnfire - many icons and unit flags.

    Special thanks to LastSword for the help in development of special caracteristics
    Special thanks to JFD, Tomatekh and Poukai for use of code and cooperation
    Special thanks to all that participated in the thread discussion on CivFanatics
    Special thanks to Skaz881 for troubleshooting and attention dedicated to this mod

    Apologies if I missed anyone. If you were not properly credited for your work, please contact me so that I may fix the error.
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  3. mikeburnfire

    mikeburnfire Warlord

    Oct 4, 2014
    Reserved, again.
  4. Natan35

    Natan35 Mayor of St. Natansburg

    Jul 2, 2014
    The Arabian UB is OP: nerf it down to +2 faith, please.
    Also, thanks yo you, im going to play with the Iroquois again! :D
  5. mikeburnfire

    mikeburnfire Warlord

    Oct 4, 2014
    The Arabian UB should be fine, I think. The University comes in during the Medieval era, so +4 Faith at that point shouldn't be too much.
  6. Natan35

    Natan35 Mayor of St. Natansburg

    Jul 2, 2014
    Some of the uniques (especially, Portugal's) need rebuffing: because if city state's influence decreases by 1.5 per turn, +1 influence is useless. I don't have any other suggestions for what it could be, but ill think of something.
    (Sorry if i over-criticise you)
  7. mikeburnfire

    mikeburnfire Warlord

    Oct 4, 2014
    I take no offense to criticism.

    Some of the uniques (especially, Portugal's) need rebuffing: because if city state's influence decreases by 1.5 per turn, +1 influence is useless.

    Sending one trade route to a city-state means that influence there decays slower, or doesn't decay at all. Sending trade routes to many-city states means that worldwide influence decays slower. Sending all your trade routes to a single city-state (from different cities) means you will go from Neutral to Ally in roughly 10 turns. This component is already very powerful.
  8. Natan35

    Natan35 Mayor of St. Natansburg

    Jul 2, 2014
    Does that changes with game pace?
  9. mikeburnfire

    mikeburnfire Warlord

    Oct 4, 2014
    No, I don't believe it does. It remains constant across all game speeds (as do regular Gold gifts), making them more valuable on faster speeds. This requires more custom LUA scripting and may be addressed later.
  10. SnowyNix

    SnowyNix At Least I Can Talk

    Sep 6, 2014
    My Aircraft
    You don't know how excited I am about this mod. And have been, ever since I saw that Reddit post. I even made the Royal Guard icon for you just because of how excited I was. And now that it came out, I come here to see it even has support for the Inuit?!? Please stop, my penis can only get so erect.

    Yeah. Excellent job, as always! Looking forward to playing the hell out of this!
  11. Opera

    Opera Deity

    Sep 21, 2008
    Isn't the Salon very limited, since you can only get writer/artist/musician specialists through the national wonders?
  12. mikeburnfire

    mikeburnfire Warlord

    Oct 4, 2014
    Well, there's two each from each guild, so you get an extra 6 science in that city. It might need to be buffed.
  13. Agent327

    Agent327 Observer

    Oct 28, 2006
    In orbit
    I don't get the Zulu UC: what's the point of building a stable that gives zero XP?

    Otherwise, great job!
  14. mikeburnfire

    mikeburnfire Warlord

    Oct 4, 2014
    The Stable normally yields 1 Production for each improved source of Horses, Sheep, and Cattle. At the cost of mounted XP (which isn't important for the Zulus), Shaka now has a production-boosting building in the Ancient era. Think about that and start weeping.
  15. Natan35

    Natan35 Mayor of St. Natansburg

    Jul 2, 2014
    Shaka vs. Mongols should be very interesting. Very,
  16. AW Arcaeca

    AW Arcaeca Deus Vult

    Mar 10, 2013
    Operation Padlock ground zero
    So, do we throw in suggestions for 4UC here, or in the old development thread?
  17. mikeburnfire

    mikeburnfire Warlord

    Oct 4, 2014
    Sure, go ahead and post your suggestions here. I, personally, am limited to models contributed by the community, so any new units or improvements (or things that use custom LUA coding) will be harder for me to create. But you are welcome to submit your own components to be included. :)
  18. AW Arcaeca

    AW Arcaeca Deus Vult

    Mar 10, 2013
    Operation Padlock ground zero
    I remember for 3UC we were considering the Karum UI for Assyria.
    Ashigaru for Japan, as a pikeman or, if you don't mind beelining, musketman replacement.
    M4 Sherman for 'Murica / T-34 for Russia; probably only one more tank replacement is necessary.
    Renault FT for Landship replacement for France; kinda stealing the idea from JFD's de Gaulle France, but he didn't pick the tank I like. :lol:
    Tarkhan for Huns and Mangudai - though they might be too similar to the Keshik - for Mongolians; I stole these from AOE II :lol:
    Danish Longboats! Swedish Huscarls!
    Caer or Dun for Celts.
    Venetian basilica, opera house or temple.
    Pa or Heiau for Polynesia; IIRC these both conflict with More Civs' Polynesia split, so an outrigger canoe trireme replacement might be better.

    That's all I've got for now.
  19. mikeburnfire

    mikeburnfire Warlord

    Oct 4, 2014
    Just updated 3UC. Buffed France and nerfed Korea.

    Working on Mongolian Unique Lancer:
    Spoiler :

    Model by danrell. Image modified from deviantart user HappyMorningStar. They carry lances, but attack with swords in the attack animation. Oh well.

    Also, tried making a UB Aquaduct using WHoward's as the base. But his doesn't work (the code references things that don't exist), and Tradition finisher will always give regular Aquaducts. So I guess Ill scrap that idea.
  20. Natan35

    Natan35 Mayor of St. Natansburg

    Jul 2, 2014
    Giving Mongolians a lancer as UU is quiet ironic.

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