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[Vote] (5-12) Polish Ducal Stable Nerf

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Aug 9, 2017
Alberta, Canada
Current Polish Ducal Stable bonuses:
+50%:c5production: Production (up from +33%) and +15 XP for Mounted Melee Units produced in this City.
Nearby Horses, Sheep, and Cattle provide +3 :c5production: Production (up from +2) and +3:c5gold: Gold.
Provides 1 free Horse.
Provides 3:c5production: Production
+4 :c5production: Production to internal Trade Routes (up from +2)
Increases the Military Unit Supply Cap from Population in this City by 10%
100 instant :c5culture: Culture when constructed

remove the 100 :c5culture: on construction
lower the Production to internal Trade Routes to +2 (same as base Stable)

100 instant culture is the same bonus in the same amount as Circuses give, which come out on the same tech level
This was added to Ducal Stable when Circus lost their 100:c5culture: instant on construction. Now the Circus has their old instant yield back, but it was not removed from the Ducal Stable.
The Ducal stable already has lots of other strong abilities.
The extra TR yields are too small, and they serve no greater purpose
Why does Poland have a miniscule ITR buff? Are they supposed to be running internal TRs? Is this supposed to impact their playstyle decisions? If not, why is it here?
According to the latest AI games, Poland is a bit too strong, and these seem like the first and easiest place to take something off.
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+4 :c5production: Production to internal Trade Routes (up from 2) :)
What about bison? I'd like to add it to the production bonus.
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