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  • In your VP mod compatibility pack, all of the new religious buildings don't appear, (Aul, Xuemiao,)
    Unless this is from interference from mods, I don't think this is supposed to happen
    Hello. I'm interested in both your mods Unique City States and Community Patch Events for VP. Are they available in Direct Download, on Civfanatics or another website like mega.nz? Thanks
    I know it has been a LONG time, but out of curiosity and interest, I am looking at the Canton Pirates CBO Compatibility mod up on Steam, it looks to me like all of the LUA files are completely REM/Commented out?

    Having the mod listed on the Showcase thread is tantalizing. I am seeing the turn 80ish CTDs.

    I do appreciate all of your GREAT WORK. Thank you.
    I thought I removed that? :L
    Hey, I was recommended to ask you by someone referencing your mod: https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/technology-cost-of-history.607548/

    I play on Marathon all the time now and have looked for mods that increase length. I'm not looking for historical accuracy, in fact, I find the end game is way too quick with Great Scientist bulbings.

    What would you suggest? Do you know of any mods that would do this?
    I'm confused. This mod does exactly that?
    Somethings off about your Nubia civ. causes all the leaderscreens to malfunction.
    Try it without my Nubia mod(but with only the original Nubia).

    Also, if this is in a modpack. I don't assist with that as well.
    hey enginseer any chance I could have your permission and help to mod a mod of yours AKA Vietnam by adding
    2 new unique decisions
    The first one I want to make one for the first dynasty.
    gives +1% culture per great work
    The second one like something on resist or something...
    Permission? Sure. Help? I might not be much of it.
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    heres my idea one is the first dynasty.
    creates a unique building
    2 magistrates
    Start Dynastic tradition ancient era unlock
    +1% culture per great work empire wide
    +3 culture
    Decision 2
    can be used once per era
    1 magistrate
    Resist the invaders
    must be at war with enemy within your borders
    spawn 1 melee unit per city these units have unique promotion generate culture per enemy destroyed.
    Hey Enginseer, in your topic "Grabbing Unique Buildings for New City Events" you mentioned you were able to create workers who could build UI's. Could you tell me how you did that? I'm trying to mod a civ that lets it create the UI's from CPP but I haven't had any luck.
    I admit, most of my skill comes from copy & paste, haha. I can make out a good deal of the SQL, that's easy to copy & paste and within my small skill of tweaking. But the LUA makes no sense to me.
    Replace CIVILIZATION_NETHERLANDS with the civilization you intended for, add as much elseif iBuild == GameInfoTypes.BUILD_POLDER3 and Players[iPlayer]:GetCivilizationType() ~= LelBalancedDutch then return false after the first "return false" in the original Lua file and replace BUILD_POLDER# with those UI Builds.
    Um...I don't want to sound stupid or bother you but the only thing I understood of that was replace CIVILIZATION_NETHERLANDS in the LUA file with the mod civ name. Everything else just went right over my head.
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