(6-08d) Acquire City Quest - Grant XP Within 5 Tiles

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Apr 23, 2017
Łódź, Poland
Counterproposal to (6-8).
Modification to (6-8c).

Proposal: Same values like in (6-8c) proposal, but instead of all Units in the borders of the City that was conquered, I would use all units in the radius of 5 tiles from the captured city (will gain the bonus).
Rationale: I agree with the idea of @Flamingcheesepie, but I think that all units within a radius should gain the bonus:
1. Some damaged units might not be inside the borders during capturing because they must heal. This would be unfair because they actively attacked the city (or blocked it);
2. Artillery units can attack city from wider area, so they must be included;
3. City borders might be not very expanded in the early game thus not many units will gain the bonus;

Complex Proposal: DLL + UI + Database Changes
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