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A sanabas challenge


Psycho Bunny
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Nov 24, 2004
Canberra, Australia
I'll return to the gauntlet, but having done 3 games for it already, I'll be waiting at least a week. So I want to test out some other things, may as well have a few people trying a similar game to see how it goes.

So, Horsemen seem to equal early conquest on your own landmass, I want to see how conquest goes over water, especially when you have an established AI to attack. I also want to test out legendary start, see how the other capital cities look, see how the overall resources look, get some info for the discussion about whether it should be allowed. It's also time to try out Japan.

So, the settings:

Difficulty: Emperor
Map size: Large
Map type: Archipelago
Opponents: standard number for a large map, whatever that is.
Speed: Epic
Resources: Legendary start
Civ: Japan
Win by domination.

Who else is interested?
I was having a ball this game, mech inf + destroyers = mass carnage, and I had battleships, nukes, subs, stealth bombers and assorted other goodies arriving soon. AI dogpiled me at one point, and I made peace with two of the dogpilers. Then when it was the Arabs turn to be slaughtered, I discovered the endless peace treaty bug had bitten, making a domination victory impossible. :(

Not going to play again, that felt extremely easy for an Emperor game. Think I'll try on Immortal or Deity instead.

Anyway, Legendary Start appears to apply to all capitals, if you look at the attached save, all visible capitals have very nice starting locations.


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Oh yeah, I had a lot of fun with my Elizabeth Archipelago game. You know, I found my Ship of the Line units to be very useful in battlefield dominance. They even whittled down the cities decently enough. Destroyers are even more boss. Not sure how Frigates stack up though.

In the end, I raced for a domination victory, since despite me leading the pack in research, I had nowhere near enough tech for a space victory and I'd already pissed off India and Greece, thus likely keeping a diplomatic victory out of reach (and I'd overexpanded for culture). It wasn't how I was planning on ending it, but I managed to pull it off. You know, Mechanized Infantry are really useful in taking cities.
Frigates were awesome until enemy frigates started to appear, then they were merely good. Especially with a range promotion, they can sit 3 tiles away and bombard cities down to 1 hp, meaning an amphibious assault will take it.

Based on the tech tree, I find it hard to imagine building tanks for an archipelago game. Might be more useful on a pangaea, but mech inf seem to do it just as well, without using resources and available far, far earlier depending on tech choices.
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