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Adept wont upgrade...


Sep 22, 2007
I guess i am just missing something obvious as i cant find any bug reports about it but in my current game, my lvl 4 and lvl 5 adept will not upgrade to a mage. I have incense & regeants, my mage is sat on a city with a mage guild and i have researched alteration (but not divination) and have just researched sorcery but still no upgrade option.

Playing as Khazad with 2.5k gold and its turn 309 - I am stumped - please help :confused:
Khazad cant make Mages, Conjurers, Archmages or Summoners.
Cheers - i was starting to suspect that but i could not find any reference to it in the f12 help screen. Well no worries, i just adapt my strategy...
ahhh - is there a page that lists hero / allignments and national heros as teh in game help function is somewhat limited...
The hero entrys in civilopedia should tell which civ's hero each is, currently it's very vague to new players
If they had something like:
World unit (1 allowed)
available to X
requires Y tech, Z resource and X civ
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