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Jan 30, 2020
May 6, 2002
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Deity, from Ohio

Kael was last seen:
Jan 30, 2020
    1. Broken Hawk
      Broken Hawk
      Any plans to resume modding FF2?
    2. Slinger
      CIV IV Noob, looking to mod a Spy to attack like artillery (saboteur). Spy artwork used no problem, but cannot attack a city or other unit. Any help would be great! Thanks.
    3. TechPriest321
      Hello Kael, Is it alright if I write a book about FfH2? I'm a huge fan, and enjoy reading about the history of the world of Erebus. I remember a while ago that there would technically be a sort of "Age of Mechanics" after the Age of Rebirth. Was curious about some of the details, please let me know through a PM or something.
    4. ExtraCrispy
      Warcraft 3 reference?
    5. Murphy613
      Kael, the Age of Ice link in your signature is not working. And playing Civ5 without FFH is like playing bingo.
    6. AlteOgre
      Hi Kael,

      As you sometimes still peep here, I would like to ask you to have a brief look at our FfHII based lore. We use it for the playworld of our MMORPG Minecraft (MC) server.
      We would very much appreciate if you could have a brief look at the History of Vesperus, Erebus' twisted sister.
      Links and further explanantion are provided in this thread:
      Any feedback will be highly valued and appreciated.

      If you happen to know of CivIV-FfHII players who also play MC now, please do not hesitate to direct them to our initiative.

      Thank you very much in advance and kind regards,


      By the way:
      If it wasn't for MC, I would have played FE by now. I am actually still keeping an eye on your progress at Stardock ... ever since DYP actually ...
      So in a way, I am hoping to finish my Minecraft experience once, so I can continue with FE. But meanwhile I'm turning my Minecraft experience into one of yours. :)
    7. Kael
    8. fdrpi
      Um, hi. I'm a big fan of the mod, so thanks!

      How has everything been for you? Not my place to ask, I know, but we're all curious.
    9. CivFan_Bennyboo
      Hi I haven't played much of fall from heaven:eek:(I have it) but I love your modding tutorials
    10. debulm
      Hello Kael,

      I am impressed that FFH2 incorporated a card game inside of the mod, so I just would appreciate a bit of information on how I can incorporate a mini game inside of my future mods.

      This information would be very helpful in a modding demonstration that is scheduled for the FALL 2010 semester. My partner and I are going to do demonstrations on how to mod games. If you would like to support the demonstrations, your experience on managing the most popular mod for Civ4 would be infinitely appreciated.

      Thank you for your time.

    11. dataskywalker
      I've taken a look at Fall from Heaven 2, and I have one major concern that I want to share with you.

      I'm usually a little wary of fantasy themed games and mods because I am aware of some of the outfits women characters wear. I find most of your female characters fine; some are risque, but acceptable. However, I cannot accept my younger, 11-year-old brother and my other siblings, plus my parents, to see a fully topless character in one my Civ 4 mods. I'm talking about the Succubus unit, and I am asking you to please provide the file(s) neccessary to modestly cover her. Your mod is probably a very good mod, as all the downloads testify, but I will not stand for this. So, if you please, can you fix this? It shouldn't be too hard, I presume. Thanks.

    12. topsecret
      Kael, can you please update The Assimilation Mod to BtS 3.19 :)
    13. Hoeslimy
      Hi Kael.

      First of all, i'm sorry but my english is not perfect so please excuse myself for troubles.
      Then, i'm really fan of your work about FFH2, and i hope you'll concept a FFH3 on civ5.
      About that, I'm ready to help you if you're ok, to make a french patch for your future mod FFH3 ,for european or canadian player who prefer a french patch. I don't know if it's possible and if you enjoy this idea, but i would to tell you about it.

      See you soon.

      Hoex (blackguard 80 (warhammer), reaver 10L+ (daoc), and so much other).
    14. misterhamtastic
      Kael, your work on Civ3 inspired me to try my hand at modding Civ4. I thank you for showing me the potential available to modders, as well as all of your hard work. If ever I can do some grunt work for you, let me know.
    15. Cull
      Is there a place to download previous patches of FfH2, like a library or something?
    16. Lgaard
      Hi Kael, I just want to say how much I respect the job you have done and thank you for this great mod. Many many hours (days!) of pure enjoyment for me. All the best for you and for whole your family!
    17. Tschuggi
      Kael, just want to say thanks for Fall from Heaven. Had quite an impact...
    18. Doomwyte
      do you want to join my social group call The Wytes
    19. Cayne
      Kael a quick question about Blue Marble, do we also need to download the gold 4.0 release or just the provided file from your main page?
    20. Nitram15
      I very like Fall from Heaven mod.
      Can I help anything with the mod?

      I like helping.:)
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